People of the World, Stay Strong. Do Not Yield to the Clamour for Vaccines. It Will Soon Pass.

I give you this warning. And it is not without the evidence of science, nor without the evidence of observation.

If you have, in the future, or had in the past, a COVID vaccination – potentially any of those on offer – then you have probably given yourself a death sentence – to be realised within the next 2-3 years. So for most of the vaccinated it is an early death sentence. At best you have sentenced yourself to a lifetime of regular ‘booster’ vaccines and a mostly unknown range of chronic illnesses or sudden death. And each additional vaccine you take, will also be a further danger to yourself and also to others. There is no cure for the self-inflicted harm you have done to yourself. It cannot be undone. At least not by any means of which we have current knowledge. And are you going to again trust those who inflicted this on you with any ‘cure’ they may present?

You have been lied to. Almost everything you have heard about COVID, on the news, directly from a clinician, a politician, a policeman, or from your best friend, has been a string of lies. Unless they are telling you something like what I said above. That is the truth.

I was not going to say any of this. Deeming it best to keep quiet about what has been inflicted on the world by evil monsters. But the following article from The Automatic Earth has prompted me to speak up.

If you are vaccinated, I don’t care whether you listen to what is said or not – I may grieve for you later. But I do care about what those who have so far held out against the plot may do. They still have a chance. As long as they stay strong and do not yield their freedom as easily as you did.

The Narrative of Loss – by Raúl Ilargi Meijer for The Automatic Earth.

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  1. I stopped reading TAE ages ago. Don’t really know why. Maybe it was when Nicole Foss left. I won’t share his post on FB though. I’ve been warned that my account will be suspended if I share one more item of false information. Their idea of false. I like FB because it’s the only place I can find people with similar interests. It’s almost time to go back to funny cat videos. I’m now sitting this virus madness out. Eventually as ‘cases’ rise in the fully vaccinated and multi-boosted, the vaccines will be seen for what they really are by even the thickest of people….money makers for Big Pharma.

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