The Sound of Rocks Rolling

I love it when Jim spells it out for what it is.  The end of the road for global finance.  Believe it.  You won't need to believe for long.  It's here. It's now. It's what it is.  It's all that there is, and it's all over - bar the soundtrack of a crumbling system. Time... Continue Reading →

It’s All Different Now

It's all different now.  Nothing will be normal again.  Believe it. And I can't describe it as well as some others, so...  what he said - on Friday..."Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, and Goodbye to All That" - Kunstler And, what he said... today..."Things Have Changed" - Kunstler All pointers indicate that this is... Continue Reading →

The Time Has Come…

It is something that has been said (by people like me - and a few experts) for quite some time, but now in a severe warning of things about to burst upon an unprepared and disbelieving humanity, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) analysts say a range of economic and social challenges are "all heading... Continue Reading →

“Bye Bye America” – Part 2

You can't, with any hope of retaining much in the way of credibility, say on one day "Bye Bye America" - a story of societal collapse - and on the very next day say "Is America Really Collapsing?" - another story of societal collapse with a note of hope at the end.  Yet this is... Continue Reading →

BHP, Suffering A Panic Attack

I think the world's biggest mining corporation (that's BHP Billiton) is in big trouble this year, although it may not surface until next.  At the very least, it is a huge gamble. BHP is banking on a big turnaround in the price of oil to something like $50 dollars a barrel over the next year... Continue Reading →

When Will The “Nothing Is Happening” Crowd Finally Wake Up?

When will the “nothing is happening” crowd finally wake up?, asks Michael Snyder.  Good question. World economies are crashing around our ears, but is anyone paying any attention? Media?  Governments?  Investors?  You?  Me?  Oh... well... leave me out of it.  I'm continually trying to tell the story. "Hopefully it will be before they are sitting... Continue Reading →

In The Year 2045

Do you have a reasonable expectation of being alive in 2045, another thirty years from now?  I expect I might have some hope of living for another 20 years or so but I would reach 100 years in 2045 and not many men do that.  My mother though met that target this year so, just... Continue Reading →

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