Kiev – A First Hand Account

Published February 26 and giving a first hand local account of life in Kiev - Capital of Ukraine - over the previous two days, is a brilliant and revealing story of how the living heart of that city, at first stunned by disbelief, then motivated to evacuate westward. Leaving a rats nest of berserkers armed... Continue Reading →


I will let this TASS report explain... 'Ukraine‚Äôs boats attack ships evacuating Ukrainian troops who surrendered on Snake Island' - TASS Uncle Sam just can't get a win anywhere these days, can he? When unarmed Syrian civilians can block his military motorcades it was rather foolish to go up against Russia's Black Sea fleet. Just... Continue Reading →

End of Day 2 In Ukraine

I wanted to give some sort of update for February 25 on Russia's operations in the Ukraine but I haven't had the time, and it does take a lot of time sifting through social media and what little of any worth is put out by general media sources. I have spent some time doing that... Continue Reading →

Perhaps The First Caring War In Europe

There is so much to be thankful for today, with Russia's reputationally dragging the military capabilities of what President Putin referred to as 'The Empire of Lies' through the mud of reality in Ukraine. The empire's leaders standing by impotently (simply because they want to stay standing - anywhere, anyhow), because that is all they... Continue Reading →

It Has Begun

The De-militarization (not De-communization as I originally said. Duh!) and De-nazification of Ukraine has begun, in earnest. Ukrainian military command posts in Kiev and Kharkiv were hit by rocket attacks (pictured) Here are a few points I have gathered, in no particular order, mostly from social media so need to be verified before fully accepted,... Continue Reading →

Step 2 – Imminent Military Moves

Events have overtaken what I wrote below even before I could publish this, but I will leave it there as it is still relevant. The latest event? "Putin announces 'special operation' in Donbass" - RT ...also, this from RIA Novosti - 'Putin announces special military operation in Donbas'.I am going to quote some of what... Continue Reading →

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