Perhaps The First Caring War In Europe

There is so much to be thankful for today, with Russia’s reputationally dragging the military capabilities of what President Putin referred to as ‘The Empire of Lies’ through the mud of reality in Ukraine. The empire’s leaders standing by impotently (simply because they want to stay standing – anywhere, anyhow), because that is all they can do – apart from shaking fingers, hurling useless sanctions and verbal abuse (lies of course), at the Russians while they carry out their sacred duty to liberate the people of Ukraine from the kind of Nazi tyranny favoured for them (and supported) by the empire’s leaders. Eight years this has gone on as the latter part of a thirty year period in which Russia has been patiently rebuilding herself from the ashes of her own former empire – an event just as predictable as that currently under way in the US empire of the west which fed so greedily off the Soviet corpse.

Well, Russia has now declared herself ready to right the wrongs of the past and present, and to ensure her own security and stability (which owes nothing to the west), while offering those she (as President Putin in his latest and also recent speeches has made clear) considers her indivisible kin in Ukraine, a way out of the impasse that has been imposed on them by the empire of lies. An imposition of Nazi tyranny, suppressed but seething and undeterred since 1945, until released by the empire in 2014 to reveal itself in full.

Russia will impose nothing on the people of Ukraine. It is entirely up to them, as a sovereign state, exactly how they will use their Russian bought freedom to choose their future path – just as it is with the newly recognised independent states of the Donbass. Just to be clear, the DPR and LPR are, at least in my understanding, still independent. They are not part of Russia. Many of them will have dual nationality, with Russian citizenship and when the smoke has cleared, no doubt their leadership may at some stage petition to become part of Russia. But that again will be entirely their own choice – and of course also of Russia to accept them in that capacity.

So, this is a caring war (or ‘operation’, as you see fit to call it). Not one of oppression or conquest, as the people of Ukraine will eventually come to see.

So, who cares about the people of Ukraine?

Well, it appears that their president does not. He wants them all to take up arms (freely given – courtesy of far away, safely ensconced, western heroes) and die to protect their country from the barbaric Russian hordes.

“We are already providing weapons and we will provide them to protect our land to everyone who is able to defend our sovereignty,” the Ukrainian president said

‘Ukraine provides weapons for everyone, says Zelensky’

The empire of lies doesn’t care about them, as I reasoned above, but is prepared to wage a war on their behalf (in absentia), fighting the war to the last Ukrainian. Some ‘care package’ that is.

On the other hand, the liberating forces of Russia (not Belarus, let’s make that plain, since their president makes the point himself) are being careful to not damage Ukrainian cities or injure their residents, as far as humanly possible. And with Russia’s highly accurate precision weapons, that is entirely possible to achieve, together with the limited use of ground forces for other than specific missions to deal with die-hard Nazis and stubborn elements of military resistance. With no remaining air force, no remaining navy, and an army made up of entirely green US trained recruits, all the fighting should be quickly over, it is hoped.

Barring accidents and the willingness or otherwise for Ukrainian military to lay down their arms (as they have been requested to do) – and a great many are apparently now doing, there will be minimal casualties among the non-Nazi majority of Ukrainian citizens. Surrendering Ukraine soldiers are already being treated with kindness and understanding by their liberators. And with the ensuing prosecution in war crimes trials to be carried out by the Russians, there is little for the population to fear from subsequent internal reprisals.

Ukraine will be free to rebuild herself as she wishes – and the west will not dare to interfere unfairly with that process. I hope the people of Ukraine will take these points into consideration as they contemplate their future.

The circling ex-Soviet dogs of Eastern Europe will be ravenous to take their own bites out of the country, I’m sure. Perhaps legitimately, due to the historical makeup of Ukraine. But that kind of separation should also be a decision made by the people of Ukraine. I doubt any nation would dare now to further impose its own will on them.

Note: I originally intended to add more supporting references to this but in the end they are freely available for all to see and read elsewhere, and I don’t have the time.

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