End of Day 2 In Ukraine

I wanted to give some sort of update for February 25 on Russia’s operations in the Ukraine but I haven’t had the time, and it does take a lot of time sifting through social media and what little of any worth is put out by general media sources. I have spent some time doing that but there is nothing sensible to report. However, the Saker has just put out his Day 2 summary before retiring for sleep. For all of us it is now Feb 26 and closer to the end of today for me than most but only mid morning in Europe – all of which is rather confusing. I use World Time Buddy to try to keep up with that.

Nevertheless, what the Saker writes is mostly solid points – better than all the MSM bullshit spun, wound (past tense of verb ‘wind’, for translators), and stitched together by the Western Paranoia Knitting Circle. He does waffle with a bit of history in the middle (put it down to tiredness – I know how that feels) so, if pushed for time, just read the first and last thirds of this…

‘Russian operation in the Ukraine – end of day 2’ – The Saker blog

I have but one criticism which I feel I must air. Saker seems to be saying that Russian forces are attacking Ukraine cities. I don’t believe this to be so, as they expressly said they were avoiding doing that. Surrounding, yes. Blocking, yes. But attacking? No, I think not. At least not yet. We all know there are reports of such action in the media, but that is simply media BS. Severodonetsk is different. That city has been attacked by LDR forces, but since it now belongs to LDR, it is their prerogative to liberate it from what forces are now considered invaders. Whether they have been aided by Russian forces in that, I do not know. The same would go for any other Donbass cities, e.g. Mariupol (which, having thought about it, I guess Russia is attacking on behalf of DPR – who cant get there just yet). That seems entirely reasonable.

Today (that is Day 2) has settled who is in charge, who has the situation under control and is in position for the next stage (Hint: it’s not Ukraine). Tomorrow (that’s today), according to the Saker, may bring some very different events and outcomes, with much depending on how stubborn the Ukies decide to be. Seems to me it could be an easy day or very hard for some. Either way it should break the back of the war and hopefully enable mopping up operations to begin.

But let’s wait and see.

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