Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: We Can’t Afford the Future

Affordability?  Of Concern To Us All. For this post I want to simply quote, verbatim, an article by Adam Taggart, originally published by Peak Prosperity.  I couldn't put this any better and it applies just as much to my own country Australia as it does to America. Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can't Afford the Future Unemployment, Taxes... Continue Reading →

The End of All Things

A Book Recommendation I have just finished reading 'The End of All Things' by Lissa Bryan, published in January this year. At the time I came across this book I knew nothing of Lissa Bryan and it didn't even register with me until I was some way into the read that this was a book... Continue Reading →

Let’s Fuck Their Shit Up!

A Growing Concern In recent days I have noticed a growing trend towards advocacy of the implementation of Civil Disobedience to achieve particular activist goals. I can't say that this is at all surprising.  Not in the least.  Take a look at the world we live in. Frustration abounds.  Having seen what is possible through... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Money Worth?

Let's just see if we can work out how much the money in your bank account, if you have one, or a $5 note in your pocket, is worth. Suppose that you take your $5 note from your pocket to the bank and tell them to look after it for you.  What would they do... Continue Reading →

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