…While We Are Waiting

In the early hours of this morning, when fancies fly, I wrote my previous post - 'What to Do? ...Wait'. Not that that was any work of fanciful thought. It may yet prove, if only in part, to be prophetic. And yet, in the mind-churning hours of sleep, or semi-sleep, or dreams, an alternative occurred... Continue Reading →

Astute Presidential Perspective

I want to share with you what I think is a most important and timely video for this particular point in our history. It is delivered by one of the most remarkable and stable national leaders the world has, both now and in past decades - the much loved President of Syria - Dr Bashar... Continue Reading →

Facts not an Obstacle for the New Normal

If facts are all we have in the life or death battle of the 'old reality' (flawed as it is and always was) against the incoming and fact-free 'new normal', then we have lost the battle already. For 'new normal', read - new reality, new ideology, new world order, new trans-globalism, new reset, or whatever... Continue Reading →

A Time Of Travail

'Travail', meaning 'painful or laborious effort' - that's a good word for what awaits America, and indeed the rest of the world, no matter who comes out on top of the farcical US 2020 presidential election - and that, just as a reminder, is not a so far settled outcome. In most of my writings... Continue Reading →

Reasons To Be Cheerful…

Reasons to be cheerful? Better go somewhere else if that's what you are looking for.  Not that I am advocating being gloomy or pessimistic, and not that I think that a cheerful spirit will not be an absolute necessity as part of preparation for your future.  On the contrary. But we need to be realistic,... Continue Reading →

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