Facts not an Obstacle for the New Normal

If facts are all we have in the life or death battle of the ‘old reality’ (flawed as it is and always was) against the incoming and fact-free ‘new normal’, then we have lost the battle already.

For ‘new normal’, read – new reality, new ideology, new world order, new trans-globalism, new reset, or whatever ‘new…’ name you care to choose. It is all the same. And if you are one of those struggling to prevent it from happening, as I guess I am also, for perfectly sound, logical and fact-based reasons, and who eschew this ‘new normal’ and fear for those ‘New Normals’ (the folk who have fallen for the – what we believe to be – deadly plot), then you surely have come to the same conclusion (that we have lost the battle already) – based on what your eyes can see. I only wish I had the courage to come out and say that before today. Thankfully someone has now done that. That someone is none other than the already highly esteemed, by me, and self-described ‘in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins‘ of the Consent Factory, Inc. – article: Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality”

You can show the New Normals the facts all you like. You can show them the fake photos of people dead in the streets in China in March of 2020. You can show them the fake projected death rates. You can explain how the fake PCR tests work, how healthy people were deemed medical “cases.” You can show them all the studies on the ineffectiveness of masks. You can explain the fake “hospitalization” and “death” figures, send them articles about the unused “emergency hospitals,” the unremarkable age-and-population-adjusted death rates, cite the survival rates for people under 70, the dangers and pointlessness of “vaccinating” children. None of this will make the slightest difference.

CJ Hopkins

It is not that we who abhor the thought of the new normal want to cling to the old system. We don’t. Perhaps I am making an assumption there, but I think that would generally be the case. We fully realise that the old ‘normal’ was anything but perfect and in any case had a limited remaining lifespan, out of which necessity the new normal has sprung. It is just that the new normal is not fit for purpose. Well, not for our, or your, purposes, whether you think that or not. And I suspect many ‘New Normals’ (that’s people, not things – well not yet ‘things’ anyway) would be feeling rather apprehensive about the way things are playing out but have decided, consciously or not, to play along because they see no other way. Which means that we who have opposed the new normal, have failed to make any impression on these people, who are. let’s face it, in the majority. Now, we can say, and we do, that this is because they are just too dumb to understand, or they don’t care, or they are part of the plot – all of which may be true in some or many cases, but by no means all. Most folk are actually good people who through no fault of their own (blame the old system) have become led to believe that others – who get paid lots of money to chart the courses for others to follow – are benign, well-meaning folk who wouldn’t knowingly hurt a fly. OK, I’ll admit such thinking is pretty dumb, but when that is the way you have been brought up to think – as more than one recent generation of humans (Westerners at least) have been – it is pretty damn difficult to break free from that. Coming full circle now, plain truthful facts, in a time of deep trauma where multiple assaults on multiple fronts are in progress against your current reality, and the loudest advice you can hear is to accept and follow what the experts are saying, what else can most folk be expected to do?

We, the dissenters, the self-styled ‘awake’ (not ‘woke’) of the world – the Western world (and I will come back to that shortly) – have signally failed to impress, en masse. We have relied on facts as our major weapon of resistance. No-one, or very few, have even listened.

So, what else could we have done? I don’t know, or am not prepared to say at this stage. That is for others to say. But please don’t send me your ideas, I don’t have the time, and probably not the interest either, to read them. You can send me a short link if you like, either here or to my VK site (see banner).

I am becoming convinced that this battle of ideologies, of wits, of fortunes, of power-mad egos, is all but over – for the West at least (and I said I would come back to that). The more I think about it the more I see some sort of reality for CJ Hopkins story plot in his novel ‘Zone 23’ coming to pass. Have you read the book? It’s really gripping in its vivid descriptions of human lives and sort-of human, modified human lives, set in, from memory, the 27th century (2600s). Where… no… that is for you to find out. Excerpt: (a chapter from book). 

I think though that Hopkins was a little too conservative in placing the story that far ahead. My intuition tells me it would be more appropriately placed… perhaps later this century or the next. I don’t see any techno-based societal organism with corporate domination of the type described, lasting any longer than that. I fervently hope not, anyway.

But there is one single ray of hope for humanity. One which I think CJ Hopkins did not take into account, at least from my memory of reading his book or from his recent writings. And it is something that almost all alternative writers and dissenters, including myself, have always or from time to time, also missed. Those misled hordes, those docile ‘New Normals’, from whom the next breed of – what did he call them? – the ‘Clears’ – appropriately modified humans – were all from Western herd stocks. You are aware, I assume, that we are already thought of as herd animals by those in control of what now passes as authority. I apologise for the abrupt shock if you were not – and perhaps you should start reading again with that now in mind.

Now, you know and I know, that Westerners are but a very small proportion of total humanity, even if all Europe, North America, and folk from various other parts of the globe are taken into the count. We do not represent even one eighth of the total human population. And it is only our arrogance which feeds much of what we believe to be our importance in the world. Even taking into account that many other nations have taken to Western ways in recent times, they have not had the long history of systemic influencing that the original west has undergone to have become what we are today – self-glorifying racial bigots, for the most part – no matter how much or how little we try to suppress that. It is inbred, and undeniable.

On that basis, what right do we have to assume that the rest of the world will fall into line with our schemes (actually the schemes of those rich and over-privileged folk who think they control us – we, in general, are merely followers)? My assumptions are that they will not allow themselves to be so cheaply bought and oppressed as we have been. Maybe they will even rescue us from that expected fate. Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books?

I’m sorry. This is not how I expected this piece to develop when I first began to write. But, as usual, or as often happens, my freedom to write whatever comes to mind – kind of directionless really – has produced this. It is what it is, and I have no intention of changing it.

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