A side order of Dem/Shit -ocracy

“Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer Social Democracy (if such exists) or Western Shitocracy (which is a definite thing). Actually this article is not about that - though it covers the subject - but about what the title of the piece says, which is an infinitely more interesting question - answered with a... Continue Reading →

It Certainly Is Wrong…

...and the Russians should be very careful about placing any kind of trust in the America that they have in the past called 'our US partners', but are now it seems more wisely referring to as 'our US counterparts'. 'Partners'?  Wherever did Russia get that idea from?  They will never, ever, unless some dramatic and... Continue Reading →

Hope For Less Unbalanced World

No nation on Earth possesses the kind of advanced weapons that Russia does, and no nation will reach the same capabilities as Russia's weapons currently have, perhaps for decades to come. And this is not just one weapon but a whole range of such weapons, as announced by the Russian President in March last year... Continue Reading →

Hot Air, or Gaslighting?

Ukraine threatens to steal Russian gas from Jan 1, 2020 - if Russia sends any supply down the transit pipeline crossing that country. "Kiev says will pump Russian transit gas to storages in 2020 if no transit contract signed" Looks like being a cold winter in Ukraine then, eh! Is this just Naftogas bravado or... Continue Reading →

Misplaced Trust In Human Nature

Australia's Westpac Bank - one of the Big Four - bringing a new level of meaning to the term 'Banksters'. "Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer quits amid pressure over money laundering scandal" 23 Million separate breaches of the law. What can you say? Symptomatic of the times? Yes, of course. The product of human greed or... Continue Reading →

“The American News Media Is Committing Suicide Along With The Democratic Party” – Kunstler

What a lead up to the end of the year.  It appears to be 'Show Time', and I don't mean the "Adam Schiff’s impeachment soap opera" sideshow - made just for laughs, or perhaps just to showcase the impressario's googly eyes.  The all-American media and political showboat is beginning to generate great entertainment value.  Don't... Continue Reading →

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