As They Say, What Goes Around…

As Jim Kunstler points out in his latest blog post, it has been a long 36 months since Donald J Trump, the most unlikely and perhaps the most unpresidential President ever – though there would not be much of a gap between him and the old Jay Dubbyer, and perhaps he was the only available choice for any sensible American to have made as 2016 drew to an end.

The analogy of a slow motion train wreck is somewhat overused these days but it does essentially categorise what has taken place since that time, in terms of the gradual self-destruction of the US Democratic Party, too focused on the intended demise of the Trumpster Presidential Reign to notice that their own actions were slowly but surely engineering their own engine on a course toward a collision with the bumper stops of reality rapidly approaching at the end of the track.

Well, the 37th month (which incidentally starts today) will mark the beginning – still in slow motion of course – of the collision point between the seemingly unstoppable force (the DEMS so-called Resistance movement) and the immovable object (Reality) – and reality always wins out in those contests.

Since I hitched my pony to Kunstler’s wagon a long time ago, it is a moment that I will particularly savour. If I didn’t already believe in Karma, or something like it, I would now be starting to read up about it. 

By December 9 we should start to hear the screeching of metal on metal. Stand by for – ‘The Turnaround’  If you are not sure what I am talking about, and even if you are, read Jim’s piece – he can explain it all much better than I ever could. I will just say that the ‘Go Around’ has already gone around. It is time now for the ‘Comes Around’ to come around. It has been a long wait, but as always, everything seems to happen just at its appointed time.

There’ll be no more silly talk of impeachment by the end of this month. The hierarchy now pushing for that will be cooling their heels waiting for sentencing. Their own.

And that may just be the start of something much bigger.  The breakup of the good old USofA, with all the turmoil that can be imagined to go with that. People are not going to like not having an election next year. Well, you can’t have an election with no credible opposition, can you? Well, yess you caaan… That’s something like what China and a few other one party states do, isn’t it? Some of them quite successfully. But it can’t possibly be misnamed as democracy. Wellll, I suppose it could… democracy is a misnomer in common use for entirely undemocratic states – mainly in the West. And has been for a long time now.

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