Crime and Punishment

Indulging itself in daily war crimes has become so endemic to the behemoth that is the US government and to a lesser extent its lackeys, the governments of Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and even Canada and Australia, that they have become indistinguishable and inseparable from those sort of actions.

One would think then that the US in particular would by now have become so incapable of embarrassment, that they would not care about evidence of such barbarous acts and nefarious doings as they are widely known for, being exposed to the public gaze by such whistleblowing activists as Wikileaks.  Being so much a part of the public face of such governments, one would think there would be a certain pride in their policy achievements being placed on public display – except for the obvious need to retain control of what their own captive populations get to hear.  They obviously have the need to retain power in their homelands, which is the sole reason for the invention of ‘National Security’ and the web of secrecy that surrounds it – the obvious and only aim of which is to keep those not involved in it entirely, or mostly, in the dark.  It is not working, is it?  Nor could it, in a world of open communication like today.

There are no surprises, no secrets.  But those ‘closed’ governments who want to hold back knowledge of their unsavoury deeds feel it is OK to punish those brave messengers who  are prepared to shine light in dark corners.  Messengers like Julian Assange.  Not to silence them for revealing evidence of what the world already knows, but simply out of spite for them having the gall and the guts to challenge the authority and the ethics and the goals of the criminal tyrants now controlling government policy.

Notice that this is the purview solely of Western governments.  No other nation on Earth indulges in such practices.  Well, let’s face it, no other nation on Earth goes out and causes the slaughter of innocents and the destruction of other sovereign states for no valid reason whatsoever like Western nations do.

It’s a crime.  But the crime is not telling or revealing the truth, and the criminals are not those who tell or reveal (by whatever means).  The crime is what the truth reveals.  And the criminals are those who are revealed to have perpetrated those crimes – whether by command or commission. 

‘Telling the truth becomes a crime’: UK & international pundits blast Assange imprisonment

Julian Assange must not never be allowed to fall into the evil clutches of the US judicial system. 

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