Temporary Concession

I currently have a ban on sharing anything by James Howard Kunstler but I am making an exception for this, his latest at time of writing, because it is an example of James at his brilliant best. And it is the only one of his recent posts for which I would make such a concession.... Continue Reading →

“They started the war. And we will use force to stop it, ” Putin said.

The important February speech by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, finished only minutes ago as I write this. I followed the speech minute by minute, as live-reported by RIA Novosti - Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly. Online reportage, and translated by my Yandex browser. I am not going to provide a detailed report of... Continue Reading →

“We Have Got This”

Earlier today I posted a clip from an important speech by Riccardo Bosi given at the WorldWide Rally outside the Russian Consulate last Saturday (Feb 18, 2023) in Sydney, Australia. That was just a clip, and it wasn't all that clear. Here is the speech, in full, loud and clear. This is something you cannot... Continue Reading →

“They Are Done”

My previous post was mainly about a man I have heard about only very recently - Riccardo Bosi. And yet, as soon as I saw and heard him speak, I intrinsically knew (this is not something that occurs with any regularity) that there was something special about him. Well, I am even more convinced about... Continue Reading →

The Terror-Rapists and the Cucks

'Senior Russian diplomat says political moves possible over latest Nord Stream blast info' - TASS - Feb 10, 2023 The United States is a terrorist organisation specialising in the rape of others' interests as a necessary means of prolonging its own. The organisation must be neutered and rendered harmless for the safety and security of... Continue Reading →

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