The Terror-Rapists and the Cucks

‘Senior Russian diplomat says political moves possible over latest Nord Stream blast info’ – TASS – Feb 10, 2023

The United States is a terrorist organisation specialising in the rape of others’ interests as a necessary means of prolonging its own. The organisation must be neutered and rendered harmless for the safety and security of the rest of the world.

As for Europe, well, they are only a bunch of self-manacled cucks, watching helplessly the brutal rape of their own peculiar interests by the US terrorists,. They are the ‘stunned mullet’ of the world, who are not even shocked by what they choose not to see.

Russia was an interested onlooker, or perhaps even a disinterested bystander. She is that no more.

When these events, drawn from the baser levels of that which is human, began to impinge on the interests of Russia (which could arguably be said to go way back in time, but let’s stick to current history), the modern Russia, the new Russia, today’s Russia, did not sit idly by and watch her own interests be similarly marred. They did, as they have shown (around 15 months ago) make known their intention to secure those interests with documented guarantees by both terrorists and cucks. And if those guarantees were not forthcoming – or the request simply ignored – as they were some 13 months ago, they stated they are prepared to take steps (as they did almost 12 months ago) to ensure their security interests by military-technical means …and you’d better believe they have all the means, both military and technical, to make that happen. In fact, we can see the results of that spurning happening now, in real-time. Time, of course, tends to roll out slowly and methodically – especially when you are specifically watching it.

Terrorists tend to be all ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’. Russia is very methodical and unhurried – but effective. Those who watch carefully, are witnessing the effective neutering of the terrorists and the laying bare the frailties of the cucks. Those watchers are very aware that most of such an operation does not take place on the same battle-field as where the scalpel does its work. And so they wait, patiently, knowing everything is under control and the operation will be completed successfully.

This operation is not about ‘Ukraine’. Only the US terrorists and the Europeans think it is. Well, let them enjoy their little fantasies – it will take their minds off their real dilemma as they step further into the morass of economic failure, pursued by their own sanction spectres.

I think Russia cares little for the plight of the Europeans, and if they are too busy with other issues (such as borders or alliances) or remain recalcitrant to an acceptance of Russia’s security demands they will simply be swept aside or have those security issues concretely imposed on them. However this is settled, which is unlikely to be by mutual agreement or negotiation (victors do not need to negotiate), Russia will have its physical security and its national sovereignty assured. Little regard then will be given to borders – in, of, or around Ukraine – so there is little point discussing who will get what of the dismembered state. I do not know, and neither does anyone else, what Europe will look like once this security architecture is in place. Anyway, it is not important. There may be no Europe, no EU, no EC, perhaps not even a UK by then. There will simply be a Eurasian continent (conceivably an Afro-Eurasian continent), trading and living freely, with peaceful seaway trade between all other continental land masses.

Just to be clear, this means, as a basic principle, there will be no place for US military anywhere in Europe (or anywhere else Russia has an interest), and there will be no NATO, anywhere.

Of this I am certain.

And just to be doubly clear, there will be no World Government, and therefore good reason and expectation for a re-invigorated United Nations to operate as it should always have done – without impartiality or imposed bias. [Oops! I meant ‘with impartiality and without imposed bias’]

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