Storm or Stealth?

Forget German (or US) tanks – the subject of my previous post. That was only to highlight the depth of feeling and disgust of the Russian people (which I share) on the continued pointless support by the west (NATO) of their puppet fascist regime in Ukraine. Support which now extends to providing a limited number of actual semi-modern western tanks, suitably downgraded to present little or no threat to Russian efforts in the former Ukraine. Those efforts, of course, simply designed to stabilise and secure Russia’s western borders from such offensive moves. This, the as yet to materialise supply of western tanks, is simply a weak – possibly final – response to what is certain to be a fully certified, solid gold Russian victory over NATO in this theatre. And since this is the only theatre in which NATO can possibly operate in an even partially credible manner (no more than that), this effectively means the end of that already long-past-retirement organisation and, consequently, also of any front-line buffer force between the US and those it considers to be its enemies in an eastward or northward direction.

The sun is setting over the west, but will that sunset be preceded and marked by storm, or by stealth?

I gave my general views some weeks ago about what I think will occur, based on what is known, of numbers, the limited nature of initial primary objectives, subsequent revelations of deception, and arrangements made to prepare for something more as a result of the now irreconsilable differences between the parties. Not that I claim any prior knowledge as to what may be planned. Such secrets are still held by a very limited few, high up in the Russian military command. But it is fairly obvious what needs to happen, and the various possibilities as to how that might actually be conducted are also limited in number. It is just a matter of being aware of what the actual facts are, on the ground, rather than what they are reported to be.

My own views are more or less contained within the remarkably well thought out appraisal of the situation by Simplicious76 in a newly launched blog. It makes good reading. Storm, if it ever comes, is a possibility still hovering on the horizon. But stealth may have already begun. Here, there, maybe everywhere.

‘The Coming Russian Offensive 2023 Part 2’ – Simplicius76’s Battle Room (recently launched) – Feb 6, 2023

It’s a fairly long read. Make yourself comfortable. Enjoy. Wait. All will soon be revealed.

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