Content To Watch On As Russian Strategic Brilliance Demolishes Ukraine Capacity For War and Western Stupidity Destroys European And US Economies

I have not spoken much recently on the demolition of Ukraine by Russia, and the West (plus Ukraine) entirely by themselves. The fog of war (necessary Russian military tactical secrecy) and the smog of propaganda (a western exclusive cloud of BS) generally make it necessary (or at least wise) to wait for concrete news -... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Battle Plan in Ukraine – In Case There is Any Doubt… Plus New Movement in the East

Russia is removing Ukrainian combat capabilities off the battlefield faster than the Ukraine and its allies can replace or regenerate it. It may appear to some that Russia is taking far too long to achieve its planned goals in Ukraine - assuming that those with such thoughts even have a clear outline of what Russia's... Continue Reading →

A Single Moment in the Liberation of Mariupol

I want to feature here a video of a Chechen soldier recalling a single event he experienced while fighting the Nazi animals (there is no better description of them, although it somehow unfairly denigrates animals of a different nature) holed up there. You will find this story also on the blogs of Andrei Martyanov with... Continue Reading →

Up To Date In Mariupol

There is a piece here by Andrei Martyanov from his blog today which I think is quite useful when taken together with another from Nightvision on the Saker blog, also today. The links are provided below and, if you care to you can read the whole thing there, but I want to put some things... Continue Reading →

Summarising the Now

I'm going to put together a number of reports today, which together I think form a picture of where things are at in the liberation of Ukraine. Firstly, to dispel any illusions about the treatment of Ukraine POWs in Russian hands, and I think there is much video evidence of a similar nature, I share... Continue Reading →

Is It End Of Phase 1 Yet?

At long last it begins to appear the first phase of Russia's 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine is drawing to a close (although I have said that a couple of times before) - if not just yet, then very soon. After Sunday's offered surrender message, which most of the trapped Ukie forces - Mainly Azov... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Apparent ‘Loss’ in Ukraine Strengthens Argument for Finland/Sweden to Join NATO – Something Must Be Done About That

Ask (almost) anyone outside Russia about the conflict in Ukraine and they will say Russia is losing it. There is nothing silly or unbalanced about that, because that is exactly how it looks if you read the media and look at maps. There is very little of Ukraine under Russian boots after more than almost... Continue Reading →

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