The Only Thing To Be Done…

I have remained silent for some days on anything to do with the conflict in Ukraine, for the simple reason that it has not been clear, or predictable, what might happen there. There is of course no threat of nuclear war, let's discount that particular furphy at the start. Although when you are dealing with... Continue Reading →

Ukraine, Running Out of Steam

Back in April/May/June we heard of brigade size formations leading counter-offensives against Russian allied, mostly militia and national guard units, forces. We also heard of whole Ukraine brigades being wiped out by Russian artillery and air units. Back in July/August, perhaps even into September, we heard of battalion size formations leading counter-offensives against Russian allied,... Continue Reading →

The West ‘In Check’

'In Check' - that's a chess phrase, as far as I am aware. I'm not an aficionado - never developed an interest. I found an alternate interest in actual table-top war-gaming, with proper rules (I mainly wrote my own, following sufficient research) for quite a few years. But that was mainly before the age of... Continue Reading →

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