Never Anticipate What Russia Can or Cannot Do

They will confound and negate your imaginings every time. I have learned that myself in recent times. I make one exception, and it relies on their own statement as to what they have said – and they generally do what they say (sometimes it may take a little longer than originally planned) – and that ‘one thing’ (which I have held onto effortlessly since February 24, 2022) is the ultimately stated, and several times restated, goals of this Special Military Operation in Ukraine. More on that later (perhaps), but obviously that job is not yet finished.

So all the calls for meetings, discussions, and agreements, endlessly spewed out by almost all media, of any kind, is nothing but pure fantasy. It is a meaningless source of hot air desperately and exasperatingly released from the otherwise empty heads of the biggest army of self-interested onlookers ever to be brought together (not literally) by any other single event in the known history of mankind. All coaxed, facilitated and expressed in ways never before so widely available to cretins of any colour or persuasion arising from and courtesy of our techsophic [I can’t believe that is not an absolutely new word I just made up to describe our ridiculously twisted world of today, but it is not] but crumbling modern civilisation only in the past, countable on fingers, few years. Get over it! It is not yet time to talk of endings. It is not yet even the end of time to talk about beginnings. There are more to come. Even new beginnings related to what so many seem to want to be ended already. Just, ‘Get Over It!’

I almost forgot what I was writing about, but here it is.

‘The Russian Defense Ministry announced the completion of the transfer of troops to the left bank of the Dnieper’ – Izvestia – November 11, 2022

Stop! STOP! Hold it right there! Let’s just take a moment to take all that in, shall we? Take a deep breath…

A move was announced on November 9 to disengage an armed force of some 25,000 to 30,000 soldiers (tanks, artillery pieces, all the clutter of war) which was in almost constant (if distant) contact with another armed force of some 50,000 to 60,000 soldiers who, with varying degrees of enthusiasm (on account of every day there being considerably less of them – thanks to the well supported bunch opposite) taking over the ground the other guys were holding – across a front line of some (more or less) 200 kilometres.

Well, that move was announced, only some three days ago, end-to-end, and now the Russian MoD has declared (Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, no less) the movement as being complete. Now, given that Russian forces involved in the move may have been alerted to its start before the announcement – though no more than a day prior, I suspect, to shift that number of men and materiel through a war zone in good order and in a defensive posture (the hounds being at their back) to a river crossing reduced to a few boats and pontoon bridges, crossing to the other side with units intact and leaving nothing of any value behind, is nothing short of either a miracle or a Russian military action carried out to perfection. And with not a single lost soldier or vehicle it is claimed. Unbelievable! Or, in fact, very believable if you know something of how the Russians work.

Russian capabilities should never be underestimated, in any field of endeavour. We, the western world (I speak as a child, though not necessarily a product, of the west) are in the position we now find ourselves, simply as a result of mistakes such as that by the western authorities – who are also and always guilty of over-estimating their own capabilities.

So, Russia has lost, and that only temporarily, nothing but some territory, in order to gain time and safety for its people, and for other noble reasons. Nothing else has changed. The goals remain as they were, and will, in time, reach fulfilment. And what has Russia gained by this manoeuvre? Its forces remain intact and combat ready. Its citizens, those who took the matter seriously, are safe and well cared for. The enemy will continue to be made to pay dearly for this invasion of what is now Russian territory. Much physical infrastructure on both sides of the river may remain intact – the need for potential destruction and flooding now mitigated by this move. The SVO (Special Military Operation) will proceed. Winter is coming, and Russia is well versed in winter combat. Those opposing, not so much. And the land the opponents (now mostly foreign mercenaries) occupy disastrously unready and ill-equipped for winter. Largely without power and heat, and potentially short of food. There can be only one result.

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