Viva Maduro!

Well, it seems COP27 is at least good for something. The acknowledgment of the legitimacy of President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, if nothing else.

I share this teleSUR post, not only as an acknowledgment of Maduro’s effective project to return emigre citizens back to their Venezuelan homeland, which I am sure has further endeared him to the people, but because of the embedded links to a couple of COP27 stories. A brief encounter with US representative John Kerry and a separate, obviously encouraging conversation with President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who was obviously fawning for closer contact – for whatever reason.

How the wheels of time continue to turn …and to undo the evil works of vile men of the west …and to overturn their own fortune …and to validate the work of truly good men. This is a good time to be alive.

‘209 Venezuelans Return From Peru Using Return to Homeland Plan’ – teleSUR – which could easily have been headed as ‘More Than 30,000 Venezuelans Return…’

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