The Unmaking of Australia

Australia today, is not the Australia I crossed half a world to join, 40 years ago - a little more than half my lifetime.  That's a fact. What Australia has become, is an insult to all who were involved in forming this once great nation.  Great in size, great in character, and also great in... Continue Reading →

United States: The Centre of All Evil

"...more than 400 military biological laboratories created by the United States in 25 countries, including former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.""Suspicions about the involvement of foreign US bio-laboratories in the emergence of very strange diseases in the countries where such secret facilities exist are growing."Vladimir Platov - Quotes from his... Continue Reading →

The COVID Story Now Coming Unravelled

After several months of personally boycotting Jim Kunstler's blog over his illogical stance on China, I can once again share at least the current Kunstler post.  He appears, at long last, to have got the China story exactly right - in my opinion.  Hint: that may be something to do with his podcast meeting with... Continue Reading →

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