COVID 19: “A surreptitious method to thin the herd without the herd ever really knowing what was going on”

Alternative titles: "The conspiracy theory to beat all conspiracy theories" or "Why we should all support (but not necessarily take part in) the COVID vaccine solution", or "Hush! The vaccine deaths will assume catastrophic proportions, but not everyone needs to know why". All of the above are my own work (at least I did not... Continue Reading →

The Unmaking of Australia

Australia today, is not the Australia I crossed half a world to join, 40 years ago - a little more than half my lifetime.  That's a fact. What Australia has become, is an insult to all who were involved in forming this once great nation.  Great in size, great in character, and also great in... Continue Reading →

United States: The Centre of All Evil

"...more than 400 military biological laboratories created by the United States in 25 countries, including former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.""Suspicions about the involvement of foreign US bio-laboratories in the emergence of very strange diseases in the countries where such secret facilities exist are growing."Vladimir Platov - Quotes from his... Continue Reading →

The COVID Story Now Coming Unravelled

After several months of personally boycotting Jim Kunstler's blog over his illogical stance on China, I can once again share at least the current Kunstler post.  He appears, at long last, to have got the China story exactly right - in my opinion.  Hint: that may be something to do with his podcast meeting with... Continue Reading →

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