Important COVID Treatment and Vaccine Information

Worried about COVID? Or any aspect of that pandemic disease, like treatment, hospitalisation or vaccination? Or even the way authorities are tackling (or ignoring) valid treatment plans, or even suppressing information on such things?

You have a right to be concerned over all of those things. But who do you turn to for validation of your concerns? Surely not those same authorities, agencies or organisations at the centre of those controversies or the media which supports their messaging? Then who? The medical profession? Which has largely acquiesced to the fear and coercion applied by those entities? Well, who else, other than perhaps just a few prominent and courageous medical experts brave enough to speak out and speak the truth, in the face of possible or actual punishment and ostracization?

One such person, with credentials that cannot be denied, perhaps the foremost such expert in the world, and a man who will not be silenced, Doctor Peter McCullough of Texas, has spoken out and acted in full compliance with his Hypocratic Oath as a physician, to lay bare the historical malfeasance being promoted against the whole world under the auspices of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated vaccine program.

Even at 1h:46m in length, the interview represents a small commitment from any potential viewer, given the nature and importance of its content, I hope that you, whatever your current stand on the matter, will make that commitment to watch it. I can say that this is a powerful, moving and gripping presentation that will undoubtedly keep you engaged from start to finish …and it may just save your life or that of someone you love.

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