G7 – No Longer Fit For Purpose

The once powerful G7 group of nations, which the Martin Jacques Global Times article linked below reminds us, a mere generation ago could boast of controlling two thirds of the global economy but today is reduced to only one third, epitomising the decline in global influence and authority of Western nations in the intervening years. This has relegated to G7, as Jacques says, to “increasingly become an institution in search of a role”.

You would not know that from listening to the things they are still saying, but when confronted with those facts alone – and these are not now the only glaring and observable factors for consideration – you would have to reach the inescapable conclusion that, to again quote Jacques – “The G7 is no longer fit for purpose.”

Jacques article goes into a number of associated ideas around this and makes interesting reading. One in particular had me puzzled for a while. Maybe I am not reading widely enough these days, but I had not heard of the so-called ‘D10’ as being a G7 replacement. Then it dawned on me that this month’s G7 summit includes a list of potential candidate observer nations – with Boris Johnson invites, from which to extract the extra members for the next inaugural D10 summit. That is exactly what disintegrating organisations do. They get desperate, and panic, just before falling apart. It is a great pity that these things happen in what amounts to slow motion, when all we really want to see is the glory and mayhem of the final collapse. It may not be long in coming.

“G7 no longer able to order world around: Martin Jacques” – Global Times – Published: Jun 08, 2021

This, let me remind you, is the 21st year of the 21st century, which because the beginning of that year count was arbitrarily chosen by people who obviously had no genuine idea about why that decision was made or what was the exact year of the event they thought they were basing it on, if indeed they were basing it on any real event, and even omitted to include a year zero, day 1 starting point for the new count, indicating the fuzziness of their thinking. This makes the relevance of any year number associated with any particular subsequent year, at best, questionable. But we do like to play with numbers, don’t we? And who is to say that, by happenstance, what we call the 21st year of the 21st century, from some unknown, dubious beginning, is not destined to be a very significant year in the history of humanity.

I can already attach some significant events to this year. For example, it is the year that humanity, or some of us at least, realised that the previous year- 2020, would become known as “the last year of ‘normal'” because somebody had released, whether by accident or design, what was to become an unstoppable disease on the world. Then this year we realised – perhaps not fully just yet, that this disease would become the death-knell for our species. Because we, a large number of us at least, allowed ourselves to be used, through generated fear, as guinea pigs for some unproven and never officially authorised (at least not yet) fluid injection which was never stated to be a cure for the disease but was manufactured to contain the necessary agents to turn our body’s components into a war zone – at constant battle with itself – until it became too weak to fight off any disease. It is the year that the term “COVID will be with us for ever” was coined.

But none of that takes anything away from the exciting events we are about to witness as the West continues to fall apart. It merely serves as a backdrop to that.

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