Withdrawal Policy

"UN Secretary General initiates New Global Deal for fairer world order" - TASS Oh dear! Oh my!  All this talk of a New Social Contract from the UN Secretary General spells trouble at the OK corral. All this talk of fairness and equality and the barely disguised finger pointing at the US and its capitalist... Continue Reading →

Which Way The Wind Blows

These are challenging times for all of us, from nations down to individuals like you and I.  The times are also changing (when in recent years have they not?) and nothing is what it seems.  It is no wonder then that people in all walks of life are becoming - perhaps understating the situation -... Continue Reading →

It Certainly Is Wrong…

...and the Russians should be very careful about placing any kind of trust in the America that they have in the past called 'our US partners', but are now it seems more wisely referring to as 'our US counterparts'. 'Partners'?  Wherever did Russia get that idea from?  They will never, ever, unless some dramatic and... Continue Reading →

Interesting Manoeuvres

Oh dear, things are becoming so very complicated, and events are happening so fast that it is hard to keep up. The IMF (the banking arm of the US Financial Elite) is giving BRICS a bigger say in world monetary decisions by increasing their voting share.  China becomes the third biggest voting bloc after the... Continue Reading →

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