The Answer is 42. What Was The Question?

Having painted myself into a corner with talk of the near-term end of the entire human race, it is difficult for me to talk of anything else in the meantime.  But, we have to live in that meantime, and as best we can.  And, what can you do if you know there is nothing you can do to alter that?  What are national governments doing?  What are the global institutions doing?  What are you and I doing?  Nothing much at all really, even those of us who are aware of what lies ahead.  It’s all very confusing.  Life goes on, as it historically always has – except for the occasional global catastrophe that more or less wipes out most life on the planet, of which there have been several and at least one of which occurred during the hominid era (though before the age of modern man).

One might also ask, what are the world’s corporate, so-called ‘elites’ doing?  Who knows?  But with their obscene wealth they could be doing anything in secret – or in the open.  Well, they are doing stuff in the open, we know that.  That’s what the Great Reset is all about.  The ensuring that if there is any chance of a life hereafter on this planet, they will still come out on top of the heap – no matter how large or small the heap is.  Of course they could be doing stuff in secret too.  Planning to escape their bunkers, if all goes pear-shaped, to their escape capsules, avoiding the pitchfork, scythe and noose brigade?  Who knows?

But that is all as may be.  We still have to live in the here and now.  And watch, almost helplessly, as the nations go about the tasks of juggling opportunities for the betterment of whatever it is they are seeking the betterment of.  Few of those things will be people-related of course.  Since when did nations, their economies or ideologies, or even businesses, become more important than the people of those nations, etc.?

Well, things are not going to change in the next ten years are they?  Other than getting worse, more difficult, and more clouded and obscure as we move, clutching at what turns out to be wraiths and apparitions, ever closer to our doom.  Small and medium sized nations, including the relatively advanced economy (offset by a small population) of Australia, are not going to become large nations in that time, and may well disappear.  Large nations, those that have further to fall are going to suffer terribly but if they are cooperative with others, this may provide some temporary relief.  But those that are sharks and live by threats, coercion or domination, will find themselves alone and friendless – or at best with increasingly uncooperative minions, as they all sink to their eventual fate. 

Reading in the light of all that, you may find these appraisals of the current movements of some of the major nations quite interesting …even amusing in some ways.

“Where does the Policy of Balancing out Major Players Lead India?” – by Vladimir Platov for New Eastern Outlook

“India’s Strategic Cooperation with Russia is Gaining Momentum” – by Vladimir Platov for New Eastern Outlook

“Australian-Indian Economic Cooperation a Counterweight to the Belt and Road Initiative” – by Dmitry Bokarev for New Eastern Outlook

These fine stories, and many more of their equal, are standard fare at New Eastern Outlook, aka Journal NEO – another one of my ‘go to’ sources for valid and newsworthy news.

China, India and Russia, now three of the major world powers and influencers, are of course all united as the ‘RIC’ within the BRICS community.  All of them are largely interested in fostering amenable relations with other nations for mutual benefit. The US on the other hand is more and more isolating itself even within it closest allies of the English speaking Five Eyes community and is now recognised as a bully almost everywhere else.  Having military bases and Biological Warfare (aka Medical Research) laboratories planted everywhere, does not friends and allies make.

And so we roll on in our bumbling way, mostly oblivious to the fact that our day of reckoning is drawing closer with every daily spin around our own planetary axis and annual journey around the Sun.  Which itself follows a humanly imperceptible track around our spinning galaxy, all proceeding, in some direction, at the terminal rate of the universal expansion – which exceeds the speed of light.  And that is apparently why we cannot see, even with our most powerful telescopes, more than our own local area of that universe. And even what we can see of it will also gradually, as time passes, more and more disappear from view.  But we don’t need to care about that.  Neither we nor our descendants are likely to be here to observe those phenomena.

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