What Is Truth?

Truth is – and don’t expect some dictionary definition here – it is impossible for truth to be defined simply by words – Truth Is (that is a statement, a complete statement).

Truth also isn’t. I will list some of the things that truth isn’t before saying what I think truth is.

Truth is not static. Truth is not fixed. Truth is not words, whether spoken, written, typeset or carved into stone.

Truth is not absolute, unchangeable, that which is actually or deemed to be ‘correct’ or ‘right’. Truth is not that which is ‘provable’, ‘evident’, ‘visible’ or ‘undeniable’.

Truth is not ‘scientific’ nor the exclusive pervue of ‘science’. Truth is not ‘divine’ nor the exclusive pervue of religion or ‘gods’ or ‘authorities’, of any kind.

If any of those things, and possibly many more I cannot just now bring to mind, were ‘true’, there would be no argument as to what is truth.

So, what is truth? Truth is personal – and while that may be ‘personal’ to a great many human beings (generally I don’t think other animals – except at the level of ‘fight or flight’ decisions – have to deal with the concepts of truth and falsehood – lucky animals, or maybe not) it may also be, in fact it intrinsically is, personal to only one such being – You, or I.

Truth – and this is what you are, I’m sure, waiting for – is that which, on recognising it, melds mellifluously with and gently strokes the strings of your very heart and soul – assuming you have one (and I’m not convinced every human being does – although I’m sure we all started off with one – though it may be deeply hidden beneath layer upon layer of protective animal substance or something else that is best labelled as being ‘not heart and soul’, as a means of never having to deal with the mess, inconveniences and conflictions of heart and soul issues).

Truth is something you ‘feel’ – not by any of our provided animal sensory organs – but by that uniquely human ‘organ’ of the heart and soul. When you read, see, hear, touch, smell, and especially ‘intuit’ (because all other senses are ‘fallible’ – subject to error), something that you recognise as true, you actually ‘feel it’. Do you feel the truth? Deep down inside feel it? Feel it with every part of your being? If so, then that is your truth. It may also be the truth of others, but when it comes to you personally – and that may be wherever you are, even while asleep – it becomes your personal truth. Deny it, doubt it, dismiss it – because of what it means, because of the inconvenience of it, or for any other reason – at your peril. Because doing so will, perhaps imperceptibly at first, alter your being, your sense of self, your ability for self-guidance, self-determination, and will leave you open to external manipulation, a distortion as to what is your personal truth and a loss of personal control of your life. Trust me, you do not want that to dictate who you are. And if you feel that has already happened, it can be reversed. Basically you have to start feeling your truth again. Perhaps you never stopped feeling it, in which case you need to stop denying, doubting or dismissing it. You can do that. I know you can.

I was going to attach to this post a couple of links which crossed my virtual desktop today, the feeling of which was the cause of my writing this piece – which I didn’t expect to develop as far as it has – but I think I will leave it as it is and save those links for another time. My hope is that this piece, as it stands, may help someone.

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