Man The Lifeboat!

I have been revealing, well, not revealing exactly, since I do not try to hide my frequent sources of information in seeking out my ‘personal truth’ if you like, some of my favourite ‘go to’ sources of real ‘news’. You know, the relevant news for our times that we should be knowing – not the perhaps real but not particularly important stuff, or even the effaced, distorted, or even outright lies that some ‘news’ outlets pass out for our digestion. A certain ability and dexterity to be selective is required in order to become or remain informed as to what is real and important. Goodness knows there is more than enough of the other stuff. Stuff we don’t have to seek out, it is bombarding us relentlessly all the time – if we let it.

So, I want to recommend to you the work of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy where there is often so much going on that I can’t pick a single item to share – which is the case today. Though we have never met, the site is run by people I consider to be online friends. I am recommending that you go have a look at what is on offer there that may be informative to you where you are at just now. It’s free and always well researched …and how many places do you know where you can see, freely displayed, the work of a great range of writers who may be of like mind to yourself?

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