How Shweet?

I’m back! I momentarily lost my sense of direction, but I’m back now.

The image below is of Victoria Nuland in 2014, the woman who is now Deputy Secretary of state of the United States in the Biden regime (can’t call it an administration – it isn’t legitimate).  She is seen handing out bread to Ukrainian citizens, the poor unfortunates who were largely forced into that position following the bloody US, CIA instigated, Barack Obama regime?/administration ordered and controlled, 2014 coup which ousted a democratically elected, but Russian leaning, Ukraine President and replaced him and the entire Ukraine government with hand picked Nazi party members, most of whom were sworn (what Americans whimsically call) anti-semites – although more importantly for the US (seemingly blind to those other vices) – anti-Russians.

That image and the quote below are taken from the book by Ron Ridenour, The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert. Punto Press Publishing. Kindle Edition.  

Dmitriy Yarosh, mentioned in the quote, is the founder and head of one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, parties, Right Sector. 

“…Yarosh has turned out to be Ukraine’s actual leader…His nominal boss, Paribuiy, had been appointed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was chosen on February 4th (18 days prior to the coup) to be Ukraine’s new leader, by Victoria Nuland, who was appointed by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who were appointed by Barack Obama (the actual ruler of the new Ukraine).” 

Joe Biden – Obama’s VP – was also intimately involved in that dastardly coup and now, by default and line of succession, has earned the dubious title of “actual ruler of the new Ukraine“.

So, Nuland, after being sidelined for 4 years by Trump’s mob, is now back in an even bigger hot-seat of power than she occupied previously.  Ain’t that shweet?  And ain’t she, the woman who has openly been reported as saying “Fuck the EU!” even shweeter? (see Youtube below – which the apparently newly ‘woke’ YT has elected to place in the ‘Age Restricted’ category)

It’s Shwings and Roundabouts in the US, except the ‘shwings’ are beginning to carve a trail through the mud and shlime of depravity and the ’roundabouts’ are drilling themselves an ever deeper hole into the bowels of the schwamp. 

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