An Apology …of sorts

I'm sorry but I won't be sharing in full any more Jim Kunstler posts.  While I am not meant to be running a news service I will continue to share links to his posts where they agree, more or less, with my own views.  The latest can be found below. Previews of Coming Attractions -... Continue Reading →

All Our Tomorrows

James Howard Kunstler is like a breath of fresh air in a stifling hot...  [think before you write Bernie] ...I guess I mean wherever in any small, enclosed space it gets stifling hot.  He once again hits the nail right on the point where it gets driven home. It's about all our tomorrows again -... Continue Reading →

The Pooh Parody – Kunstler

The Pooh Parody, aka Woke Justice in Schmucksville, DC - brought to you by James Howard Kunstler in:"The Trial of Winnie the Pooh" - Kunstler Blog Full script here or use the link above: CLUSTERFUCK NATION – BLOG || March 5, 2021 The Trial of Winnie the Pooh Clusterfuck NationFor your reading pleasure Mondays and... Continue Reading →

Woke, Woker, Woke-est-of-all

'Repentance' - JH Kunstler The following are a couple of paragraphs quoted from Kunstler's latest blog post.  You can read the rest of his piece at the link above. The blog tells the story of: "the vocational martyrdom at Smith College of a lowly staffer named Jodi Shaw, who objected publicly to the ritual indignities... Continue Reading →

A Slurried Tale

Apologies for my recent lack of blogging material, all of my effort toward such being devoted to finishing what I promised.  No matter, I can always rely on Jim Kunstler to say something relatable.  Not that today's post is anything dramatic, just a routine tale of life in Oompah-Lumpah-land where we find an economy, based... Continue Reading →

Unification or Unifornication?

Oops!  I got so caught up in my own doings yesterday (I spent much of the day writing my promised 'A Building Up and a Tearing Down' - it's well on its way) that I forgot about the Monday Kunstler. Well, here it is, and it's a doozy.  Especially the 'inside' information on the already... Continue Reading →

Listening To Jim…

"Can’t we just all get along? No, apparently," says Jim Kunstler in the first words from his latest blog piece.  I remember saying something similar recently.  Is this how it is?  Is this really how it is in America these days?  I don't know.  I don't have a first-hand, ringside seat from which to form my... Continue Reading →

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