Thoughts on Crack-ups

I can share this.  It is Jim Kunstler’s latest blog (which I have been boycotting for a while – not that I suspect anyone would have noticed).  But this one is good and gave me a few good laughs.

America is cracking up.  What, you didn’t know?  Where have you been? 

I should, for my American friends, suggest that it is the whole West that is cracking up.  But then, America IS the ‘West’.  Without America there would be no ‘West’.  Europe would be part of Eurasia, where it always should have been (in modern times anyway).  Canada, well, if it didn’t go down with America would revert to being Canuck – whatever that is. If it doesn’t mean ‘isolated’, it should.  Australia, well we don’t need to care about Australia, it’s going to be an uninhabitable desert soon, or somebody’s mine.  And New Zealand?  Dear New Zealand.  I’m sure somebody will love it.  Or maybe they will get along fine in their own seclusion.

So, if America is cracking up, that’s the end of the ‘West’.  Western civilisation will no longer exist.  Would anybody else care?  Would anybody else even notice?  Hmm… I expect it would be a lot quieter in most places.  Perhaps some might wonder what happened to all the turmoil that used to go on.

Anyway, before I forget what I was doing, here’s Jim’s blog…
‘The Heebie-Jeebies of August’ – JH Kunstler

It’s worth reading, if only for the laughs, but also for the thought that freedom, of a sort, may no longer be out of the question for those many places around the world that have felt the heavy hand of the West, dragging them places they may not have wanted to go – and always leaving behind a bloody mess after they moved on when they lost interest or found the going too tough.

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