Saker Coup – Roger Waters Interview

I often find difficulty in deciding what to share here, but some things I read just will not allow themselves not to be featured.  This is one of those things.

The Saker a few days ago videoed an interview with Roger Waters – the creative force behind Pink Floyd and strong activist for human rights.  I could not allow his to pass without my helping it to be heard, in however small a way.  I give you the Saker interview with Roger Waters (video)…

‘Interview with Roger Waters’ – The Saker blog

This is a raw, uncensored from the heart conversation, so be prepared for that.  It includes two recently produced, home-studio, multi-site, recorded songs.  Vocal backing to the songs provided by the band Lucius.

But wait, there’s more…  but only if you promise you’ve watched the whole interview and the songs…  this is an extra, real treat, the like of which you may never see again – Roger Waters and Lucius, in a recording booth, Goodnight Irene.

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