The Lies Continue …Of Course They Do

What has changed?  Absolutely nothing.  Oh, there is the little thing of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Can you believe that?  Well, you could, if there was any plausible evidence.  But, the lies continue ...of course they do.Once you have gone down that path, especially if you are a national leader with a position to... Continue Reading →

Russian Aid – The Real Story In East Ukraine

These are some of the stories you will never read, see or hear in Western media. ‘I regret Russian aid convoy issue became highly-politicized’ – UN humanitarian chief Russian humanitarian aid distribution begins in E. Ukraine Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid Mission completed: Moscow confirms delivery of aid... Continue Reading →

No Lessons Learned

I struggled to arrive at a suitable title for this post.  Options considered were: "US Pledges $30 Billion To Build Up Ukraine Military"   on top of the billions that it has already invested in setting up and bolstering its own puppet government there.  This, on the basis that Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, a bankrupt nation... Continue Reading →

The System Decides

I can always rely on Ilargi to provide me with a stimulating synopsis of the current state of the world, centred loosely around matters financial, in his almost daily blog posts at The Automatic Earth.There is always a single word, phrase, sentence, or even paragraph in his writings that resonates with me to provide a... Continue Reading →

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

It has been quiet for a while hasn't it?  Ukraine somehow fell off the front page news list. The Kiev Theatre Company and its supporting cast Obama, Abbott & Co, having been laughed off the stage for their last little fairy tale sketch about destroying an invading Russian convoy, haven't in recent days come up... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again…

I have been trying to avoid commenting on the Ukraine affair for a while because while the earlier lies and innuendo about Russian involvement emanating from Kiev, Washington, NATO, London, Canberra and elsewhere, have not been admitted to be such by these sources, nor a single one of them proven to be true, but there... Continue Reading →

Shadow Government …Why?

A Short Post, Designed To Get You Thinking Why do we even need to invent a term like 'Shadow Government'? Words are used to convey ideas.  While ideas can describe abstractions, practical words like 'shadow' and 'government' do not describe an abstraction.  Someone, somewhere, put these two words together to describe something they had seen.... Continue Reading →

The Silence Has Been Deafening

I have made some fairly pointed statements, both here and on my Facebook page, in the last month or so about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 affair but I haven't said much about this over the last few days. That doesn't mean that my previously stated views have changed in any way.  I have just... Continue Reading →

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