The System Decides

I can always rely on Ilargi to provide me with a stimulating synopsis of the current state of the world, centred loosely around matters financial, in his almost daily blog posts at The Automatic Earth.

There is always a single word, phrase, sentence, or even paragraph in his writings that resonates with me to provide a ‘right on!’ moment of agreement.

Right On!

Today’s phrase was, and I quote, “The system decides”.  Read the relevant piece here.

We, you and I, now have no say in what occurs in the modern global civilisation of mankind.  It doesn’t matter one iota what we think of what takes place in the world.  Our opinions, our reactions, our protestations, even our acquiescence, are quite irrelevant to the unfolding of the events of the day.  We are merely components of the system, and not very important components at that.  We have no choice.  We gave that right away some time ago. 

I will let Ilargi explain those statements through these quotes:

“…today American policy is made in the headquarters of Big Oil, the military-industrial complex and Wall Street. All of whom stand to profit hugely from chaos and bloodshed in foreign countries, and won’t shy away, never have, from putting American boots on the ground if they feel that will boost their profits. Boots worn by kids who know the army is their only chance at ever getting a real education, but never make it back home.”

“This was inevitable from the moment money was allowed to enter US politics, and it inevitably got stronger over time, until it culminated in the recent Supreme Court decision that there should be no effective limits to how much influence the rich can purchase themselves in Washington.”

This is, of course, not just about America.  I would argue that the same thinking can be applied to whatever national government you may choose to think of.

Where is this going?  Ilargi continues:

“I wish I could say this is not going anywhere. It is going somewhere though. Just not anywhere you or I should want to go. But we have been pre-empted, what we think or feel no longer matters. The system decides, fully independent from what we as participants in this democracy are legally entitled to, and are supposed to do: guide our nations’ policies towards what we want, not what a handful of corporate interests want.”

“We lost that. We no longer have any influence on what (the government) decides, …or the next… It’s gone.”

I imagine you must have felt, as I have (even though I did not vote), that your government in action is not reflecting what you expected them to do.  Not charting the best course for your country.  Not making the type of decisions that you feel they should be making.  I feel sorry for you if you don’t feel that way.

Of course, recognition of this dis-empowerment of self-determination within the system is actually itself empowering to the enlightened individual, and with that recognition comes a vision that there can be, and is, life, to be had and grasped, outside of that system.  The system only holds sway over each one of us for as long as we acquiesce to being part of that system.  We can break free, and with each one of us that does that, the system becomes less powerful.  If enough of us do that then the system will gradually weaken and eventually collapse.

This is of course external to the fact that the system will at some stage soon, collapse anyway, because it cannot operate outside of the universal laws of physics, no matter how much zombie money it creates and throws at the problems it will face from being subject to operating within a finite world environment.

The system decides…for now…but the system will not always have that capacity.  The system will end.

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