Renewed Hope For Australian Hero

When did 'embarrassment' become a crime? "Assange's father hopeful of son's release" - The Advocate - which, being Tasmanian, will probably be the last Australian news source still operating in the climate ravaged world of a decade or so ahead, if there are any at all. "He's one of the world's great journalists and he's... Continue Reading →

Crime and Punishment

Indulging itself in daily war crimes has become so endemic to the behemoth that is the US government and to a lesser extent its lackeys, the governments of Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and even Canada and Australia, that they have become indistinguishable and inseparable from those sort of actions. One would think then that... Continue Reading →

Will The Empire Of Evil Touch Assange?

I have said many times that Julian Assange (alongside Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning) is a modern day hero whose rights to freedom of movement have been abused by the British government for years now.  The UN agrees, at least with the fact that he is being restrained illegally. Image credit: 2stru78asdf.jpg Does... Continue Reading →

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