Renewed Hope For Australian Hero

When did ’embarrassment’ become a crime?

“Assange’s father hopeful of son’s release” – The Advocate – which, being Tasmanian, will probably be the last Australian news source still operating in the climate ravaged world of a decade or so ahead, if there are any at all.

“He’s one of the world’s great journalists and he’s an Australian. He’s one of us to claim, to protect.” – Mr Shipton.

And yes, I too am hopeful that the corrupt US government will not have its way with ‘our’ Julian.  To me he has always been a hero.  His only ‘crime’, if that is a just description, is to have caused embarrassment to America.  Heck,  I do that almost every day, just on a different scale.  Julian’s work is recognised globally.

“What will happen if Julian is dragged away in a yellow jumpsuit with chains around him is the prestige of every journalist in the western world will fall to zero.”

True.  It can not be allowed to happen.  And the Australian government and especially the UK government will live in infamy if it does. The US government is of course so far beyond redemption as to be cast from any such thoughts.

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