Facing An Unknown Climate

The latest visible effect of climate change - no monsoon season so far this year for southern hemisphere - surpassing all previous records. "Latest monsoon onset for Darwin on record is now a certainty despite recent rain" - Australia ABC News We haven't seen anything yet of course on what the full effects of our... Continue Reading →

After The Party…

"Go Home Greta" - The Automatic Earth Edvard Munch Ashes 1894  It seems to be a truism, and probably is, that 'mankind is its own worst enemy'. If that is so, then the modern 'climate movement' comes a close second. I agree almost totally with what Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth says in his 'Go Home... Continue Reading →

What’s All The Fuss About Another New Little Coal Mine?

This post inspired by: Adani Carmichael: Australia's largest coal mine free to proceed after Greg Hunt gives approval Photo:  Environment Minister Greg Hunt, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, announced on Thursday the mine would proceed. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen Well of course they did that.  They have an industrial economy to preserve don't they?  Bugger the... Continue Reading →

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