Facing An Unknown Climate

The latest visible effect of climate change – no monsoon season so far this year for southern hemisphere – surpassing all previous records.

“Latest monsoon onset for Darwin on record is now a certainty despite recent rain” – Australia ABC News

We haven’t seen anything yet of course on what the full effects of our disturbed global climate will bring, and not all of them will be visible in the early stages.  Actually, I don’t think anyone knows just what lies ahead for us at this stage.  We have estimates and opinions, but I think when we get to experience the reality we can be assured that we are not going to like the conditions we have to live through and many of us, perhaps even most of us, will have curtailed lives directly as a result of it.  We certainly will not be living the same way that we do now.

And I have to say this yet again – it doesn’t really matter whether we try to assuage the worst effects through climate action. You can’t stop 200 years of built up climate abuse in a few years of even determined effort – and the total human effort so far to prevent or even diminish what we think will occur, is far from determined. In fact you would be challenged to actually find any effective action anywhere.

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