2022 – The Grand Finality

The current conflict in Ukraine was needed by only one of the two major world military-economic blocs. The fault rests entirely with the western bloc. The west created conditions which Russia was forced to answer with a military intervention. This was a fatal error for the west, which had finally seen the writing on the... Continue Reading →

An Important Speech – for the World

Subsequent to my previous post earlier today, I came across this partial translation (to be continued) of the speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin given yesterday March 16, 2022 - essentially to regional Russian officials but also openly to the world. It sets the record straight, for you and me ...and in a world dominated... Continue Reading →

What Awaits Us In 2022?

I have read through this quickly to try to pick out any editing issues, but I can't appraise it any further - or it will never get finished and I will never be entirely satisfied with the result anyway. So it is what it is, for better or worse. If it gets you thinking, then... Continue Reading →

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