How is the Population Clock Going This Year?

Now, as I write this, it is the mid-point of 2022 (counting in days rather than the crude reckoning of months) – around 4pm on July 2nd. The approximate time – near enough to give an indication (which, from an only occasionally adjusted electronic counter, is all we need) of as close to real conditions as we can get, to an understanding of how the state of things are in this world on which we live.

Proof, if you need it: Take 365 days / 2 = 182.5 and adjust that by the quarter day discrepancy our annual calendar is known to contain (why we have ‘leap years’, every four), gives 6pm on July 2. But since I may be doing something else at 6pm, or even still writing this, and because I will be using rounded figures, and your 6pm could be any time in the next 24 hours, it really doesn’t matter. An indicative appraisal is all we are ever going to get.

So, here is the basis. Let’s see what we can make of it.

Worldometers Population Counters – 4pm AEST, July 2, 2022

I think it will be best if I just list some facts, based mostly on these figures…

Current world population at this point is almost 7.958 billion

Annual births to this point are a little over 70.1 million

Annual deaths to this point are a little under 29.5 million

The net growth in population so far this year (the difference between annual births and deaths) is therefore a little under 40.7 million

To reach an 8 billion total, we need only another a little over 42 million net folk

Ok, that is all we can get directly from those details, but there is much more we can learn.

Firstly, the speed of the clocks has been adjusted slightly since I last looked at this around a year ago and began to see a difference only six months ago, because at that time the 8 billion figure would have been reached mid to late December this year. Now it seems, if no other adjustment is made (and I don’t know at what time or times of the year such adjustments are made), we will be 1-2 million short of an 8 billion world population at year’s end. Of course this will delay that point by only some 3 to 9 days into 2023, but does indicate the official expectation of slightly slower growth (all other considerations, which could affect that, aside of course). Even so, it will have only been 11 years and 2 months (approx.) since the previous billion was reached. That, by itself, should be cause for concern – though I know not many would agree.

Whenever it is that point is actually reached, the human race will still have produced an approximately 81.4 million-person annual growth again this year. That is also a more than 50 year average figure. Fifty years! That now establishes it as something of a tradition, don’t you think? A now inescapable condition, I would say. I would also say – and I don’t know how many times I have already said this (countless), with so many people in the world, increasing at around 80 million annually, to talk about ‘decreasing growth rates’ as being the determining factor, is absolutely meaningless. Decreasing growth rates, unless there is some catastrophic slide, and neither education together with birth control, nor poverty and other known economic considerations, will produce such a slide (though there are other potential conditions which may), and cannot affect the situation to any meaningful extent.

Back to the annual figures. We are producing a little over 140 million new births yet again. The number of annual births is still slowly increasing – as should be logically expected. Births are not the problem.

Deaths this year, based on the half-year figures will be around 59 million. That is also neither an increase nor decrease in the trending annual totals. Neither false pandemics nor mandated toxic vaccine use has so far had any impact (real or imagined) on the annual death count over this or the previous 2 years. Though accurate figures have yet to be released.

However, a sharp increase in deaths is officially anticipated, reaching or exceeding the birth count. Officials do not provide reasons for that increase, so we are left to figure what it is that they intend. Official intention must …I repeat that… MUST have a large part to play in the outcome. We, of course, are only the participants in those plans – willing or otherwise. ‘We’ are the ones who are expected to increase our efforts towards dying – not only at a faster rate but also much earlier than we have been willing to lay down our lives up to this point. Trust me, we old folk can’t do it all on our own. Most of us are already gone – thanks to the murderous intentions of the COVID propagating mob. I am an exception. And I clearly see the intent. and have assiduously avoided the rabid COVID mob (aka Health Authorities, doctors, nurses, black-garbed police, lunatic other old folk and devout mask wearers generally). So, ask yourself, who is it that is going to shoulder the burden of excessive dying? To make it easier, I will provide the answer – ALL OF YOU – especially the super-fit, middle-aged, babies and the very young. In the not too far away there will be no-one alive over 60 years. That will gradually (or not so gradually) reduce to 50 and then 40 years. Come on! Give it up. It is for the good of the ‘Community’ you are being asked to die (and maybe not even asked!). Then there are the very young. Increasing deaths at or before birth. And if you do make it through the birth canal successfully, your ability to reproduce will have been seriously affected, or even missing – either from vaccines to yourself or your parents. It’s the Plan! Get with it!

It may or may not be too late, but Russia (and later China and others) are trying to do something to prevent all that from happening. Support them. It’s for your own good, or for the good of those who may follow. We, some of us, must survive.

Books could be written on that subject – and probably will be.

I don’t want to labour the point but it seems that humanity, no matter what we are told by officialdom, is not on some roller-coaster to oblivion (again, catastrophe aside) but treading a fixed path to what I would call (but which will be vehemently denied I’m sure by those who don’t want an awakened world) an overcrowded and already struggling planet from which there is no escape other than the eventual fate of all physical planetary species. That may still be a long way away in some minds, but I fear that is not the case for most or all of us. At least, that is how it looks from here. But don’t lose hope.

Well, looking at the time, it is not far off 6pm now. It is not easy putting this stuff together, and trying to make some sense of it you know. It takes time. But nothing much has changed I think in the last two hours. We still steadily, or perhaps a little less steadily than desirable, plod on, pursuing our fate.

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    1. Thank you for the comment, even though our tastes do not appear to have much of an overlap. Although, come to think of it, I have just finished reading Lawrence Gardner’s posthumously published ‘Revelation of the Devil’. But then I do tend to read on quite a wide variety of subjects, and his books were, in the past, of some interest to me.

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