Australia Supports Nazism and the Murder of Foreign Citizens by Ukraine – Too Late to Change Course?

The government of my country, Australia, with no thought (literally no thoughts of their own, but driven by the demands of their masters in the US), continues to provide further military aid to the butchering, nazified forces of Ukraine, commanded by the same US masters and under only the nominal ‘leadership’ of the demented clown Zelensky. Which forces have, on a daily basis for the past eight years, killed and maimed those they supposed were their own people in the Donbass region, now foreigners living under independent and recognised states, supported by Russia.

‘Australian PM announces $74 mln in military aid to Ukraine’ – TASS

I find that a crying shame for my country to be so poorly led at this crucial time in its own and indeed the whole of humanity’s history. What hope is there for my country, its tiny barque harnessed to the fast sinking ship of western civilisation. Doomed, at best, to irrelevance in a world that is changing for the better and coming out from under the same dreadful western influences. Australia could be floating high on the rising tide of Eurasian fortune and endeavour, but it has chosen to look backwards to what once was, though never satisfactory or right or just, but which is now in irreversible decay, instead of looking forwards in the direction of travel for the foreseeable future.

But, as the thought came to me this morning that man is not an island in the stream (as an old song would have it) – as much as he would like to be – but we are merely the leaves floating on the flowing waters, powerless to influence the flow. Individually powerless to disrupt even the surface current but, when formed into an eddying mass from the blocking effect of something more substantial (an island perhaps), can be turned around to a new flow in the opposite direction. Perhaps forging a new path or at least setting an anchor point preventing its being swept away.

Mankind has reached such a division in the stream. A new dichotomy is forming. Part will be swept away in the torrent of destruction. Part will form the solid ground of new land. There will be little opportunity to alter course, once chosen (and precious little in the way of rescue parties). Which path do we want to be treading?

That is altogether too idealistic an allegory I admit, but it does contain some, though not all the basic ingredients we should, as supposedly rational people, be considering. It is not my job or intention to list all those considerations – just to give pause for thought. Are we rational enough to undertake such thought? Or are we simply fallen and drifting leaves?

The whole Ukraine situation, not just Russia’s part in it, represents such an island and forms such a ‘division in the stream’. The goals are, a vibrant, Eurasian led world, or being caught up in the decadence and destruction of the US led west. Is that clear enough a choice?

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