Of Boogers, Bogeys and Purple-Heads

I would like to see some sort of internationally recognised awards for Best Innovative Use of Language. If such awards there were, I would right now nominate for best Adjectivated Noun, used to great effect in the article linked below by Tom Luongo. I laughed long and repetitively on reading it last night and I... Continue Reading →

Australia’s Prime Minister is a Fool

...and not just a fool, an utter fool. A dangerous and desperate utter fool. OK. He can draw red lines wherever he wishes to draw red lines. That's what fools do. They apparently get some sort of satisfaction from doing that (there being other examples throughout westernism as precedents for this). It is one way... Continue Reading →

Pandemic or Not, For Women of World’s Biggest Economy, Supply of Sanitary Pads Remains of Supreme Importance

It seems an eminently reasonable expectation to me but, as a man, I'm not qualified to comment. Please just read the story. JIN DING/CHINA DAILY I am simply amazed that in a crazed world of mostly ridiculous and highly irrelevant news reporting, China can still calmly and level-headedly find the time and news-space to consider... Continue Reading →

“For the Russian fighters on the battlefield such words as ‘honor’, ‘dignity’ and ‘courage’ are not meaningless”

This is about 'Private Military Companies', those unofficial armies of, I would say, almost exclusively ex-soldiers, meaning that they are in reality 'mercenaries' - paid, unlicensed, war machines for hire, and their role in the world where officially licensed soldiery i.e. the military wing of national governments, are just too expensive or too controversial to... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in True Democracy, From Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China, the most populous nation on Earth and perhaps the nation state most closely representative of true democracy on the planet, addresses the subject earlier this month. If people only knew how China is actually governed, they would realise the truth of that statement. Oh, I'm... Continue Reading →

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