‘The Heroes of Avostal’ – A Fairy Tale – And Some Real News (All in Video)

What some are describing as a major breakthrough and even the ‘end of the war’ (What war? There is no ‘War’ – if it was ‘war’ it would have been over months ago. It is a ‘Special Operation’ – with no set timetable, but working to ethical standards), took a turn yesterday. I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘major turn’, just a couple hundred filthy rats leaving a shit hole of their own making which they could no longer endure to infest – choosing the preferred option of another more cosy hole, for life, or the alternative (not their choice to make) of a swift end to their miserable lives at the end of a rope. The lucky few who have not soiled their record may even be exchanged for some real heroes, since the real rats I expect will never leave their hole – knowing what awaits them.

This video of some of the motley crew depicts not the return of heroes I think…

I thank the Martyanov blog for the link to that video and also to the next one.

This is a report from a real hero of the free and independent press, Eva Bartlett, on some of the least bad things those who fight for Kiev government get up to, contrasted with the care taken and aid provided by Russia and its independent republic allies…

For this third video I have to thank the Saker blog. This is a frank and open presentation, in his own inimitable style, by Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean American currently (he says) somewhere in Kiev held Kharkov (another Azov Nazi enclave). I haven’t had much time for Gonzalo’s utterances before, seeing him as something of a playboy opportunist, but what he says here about the US in relation to Russia and China and what comes next in the warped mindset of US government and what passes for analysis through the stirring of the witches brew by their intelligence agencies, is quite believable as a summary of current thinking and potential future action.

Australia as the next US slew of proxy cannon fodder in a war with China? Not an impossible concept by any means – with the likely result, if it came to that (not mentioned by Lira) of a future Australia becoming a colony of China. A more likely scenario to my mind (though I don’t dismiss Lira’s prior suggestion) is that the military of Taiwan will be the cannon fodder for the next US proxy army. One thing is for sure, there will need to be a proxy. The US military is now only fit for minor actions against smaller, unprepared foes. Which may be why there is talk of them getting ready to go back into Somalia again, keeping US soldiers safely out of the way while some other stooge is fed into the grinder of a war against the now major power of China.

I think you will find this interesting, and also not a little entertaining…

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