Who Is America?

I am as guilty as anyone of slipping into the lazy language of referring to only part of the American landmass as ‘America’, but I do recognise that is what it is – a habitual response to an undeserved naming right.

America is a two (joined ) continent agglomeration of independent nation states stretching from the northern waters of the Arctic all the way down, more or less, to the equally icy waters of the Antarctic, with a narrow umbilical strip of land holding those continental masses together in the centre. Just because some invasive white trash murdered the native population of a large portion of one of those continents and stole their lands (as invasive white trash has a tendency to do), forming a loose federation of new states (which almost split apart once and may do so again, soon) does not give that invasive white trash the right to call itself ‘America’. America is a much bigger concept than they could ever imagine. It does also not confer the right to think of the rest of ‘America’ as being their exclusive backyard (or ‘frontyard’), nor to think of the peoples of the other America as somehow not being ‘American’.

Thankfully, there is a growing realisation among those independent nation states of the broader America, whether North or South or part of the umbilical region of Central America, that they have been assumed incorrectly to be compliant to the grand plan of the invasive white trash (a vastly numerically inferior race, with an overdeveloped, egotist vision of its own importance in the world) to not only dominate ‘America’ but the whole world.

And those independent states are beginning to speak up against the unfair impingement on their rights to determine their own future, separately or together, and outside of the influence of any ‘Big Brother’ state which does not recognise that right.

‘Venezuela Thanks Mexico for Advocating for an Inclusive Summit’ – TeleSUR

With the now clearly seen weakening of ‘Big Brother’ and its declining influence over world affairs in the last few decades and the emergence of multiple alternative powers able to compete with and outwit the once unassailable authority of the invasive white trash, things are going to get really interesting – for everyone – participant or onlooker (and we all I think will become participants in some way), over the next years. There will either be a coming together as equals in partnership or some great falling apart – which could take many forms.

How lucky we are to see or to be part of this. And with the potential to see ‘America’ correctly defined as a partnership of equals.

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