Nominating a Criminal for US President?

More high level US skulduggery is going to hit the limelight in  the form of Joe Biden's sordid links to the US puppet government in Ukraine back in his VP days.  Biden of course is the current 'chosen' person for the Democratic Party nomination of a candidate to face off with the Trump monster in November. ... Continue Reading →

The Show Begins

James Howard Kunstler is absolutely brilliant in his latest post, shared below. He has been driving this particulsar set of wagon and horses since deep back into last year and beyond, and I have been hitching my pony to that wagon for just as long, believing in the right and justice of the arguments Jim... Continue Reading →

Just Add Vodka

Proving that not all Australians are brainless noodleheads (unlike our politicians), a group of 28 likely lads from Mullumbimby (Mullumgrad), on the New South Wales north coast, have formed a serious but fake Russian choir to exclusively sing Russian folk and cultural music.  They have turned themselves into something of a success and I have... Continue Reading →

Liber… what?

I have to admit, not with any shame or embarrassment, that I have never really understood the difference between such similar words as liberalism and libertarianism.  Not that I have ever put much effort into trying to do so.  So I am glad that someone, someone without any apparent axe to grind, has taken it... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Time Over in Syria?

Nothing much of any major significance has happened in Syria in recent days but tomorrow, May 25, could be a day to break that mostly sleepy spell which has been a respite and regathering for all incumbent terrorist forces in the area - as forecast when the Idlib ceasefire came into force - something that... Continue Reading →

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