The Show Begins

James Howard Kunstler is absolutely brilliant in his latest post, shared below. He has been driving this particulsar set of wagon and horses since deep back into last year and beyond, and I have been hitching my pony to that wagon for just as long, believing in the right and justice of the arguments Jim raised and the guilt of all he named.

There have been times in that long journey that it seemed the foul deeds committed at the highest levels of the US government the story portrayed, would somehow go unpunished.  But James stuck to his guns and now, wheels still rolling, it appears the fruits of those labours – and the course of natural justice – are prevailing over the swampy tracks of the US political and judicial and media machine.

Boy, it’s going to be interesting to watch the remainder of this process wind off the reel and through the lens of public gaze.  I’ve used the popcorn and cola analogy before.  Well, they are getting a little stale just now.  Time for a refresh of supplies, and to pull up that cosy chair for a good view of what transpires.

“The Unspooling” – James Howard Kunstler

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