Just Add Vodka

Proving that not all Australians are brainless noodleheads (unlike our politicians), a group of 28 likely lads from Mullumbimby (Mullumgrad), on the New South Wales north coast, have formed a serious but fake Russian choir to exclusively sing Russian folk and cultural music.  They have turned themselves into something of a success and I have to say, from an untrained ear, they sound really good.  But then, Russian songs really make you want to sing. Really sing.

They call themselves ‘Dustyesky’, pronounced dusti-eski.  An ‘Esky’ in Australia is a portable ice-box, mainly used to keep beer cold outdoors – and they rarely get dusty except in duststorms or bush fires.

The Russian Ministry of Culture inviting them to sing in Red Square for the Immortal Regiment at the Grand Victory Day Parade on May 9, but it was cancelled of course due to COVID-19. Instead a special video recording was broadcast as part of the virtual online celebration. 

Boys, you make me proud, and it’s not often I feel proud to be Australian these days. 

“How Australia’s ‘fake genuine Russian choir’ Dustyesky went viral during the coronavirus pandemic” – Australia ABC News

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