Prurient Trifling From Australia

Australia, again demonstrating its governmental dim-wittedness, total reliance on, and guaranteed dependence/adherence to, the abortifacient groupthink of its larger and obviously equally weak-minded Western cousins, that would produce such a deformed outcome. Just the latest among many prior of such. "Australia slaps sanctions against four Russian companies and one individual" - TASS © Artyom Geodakyan/TASS I... Continue Reading →

US-Belarus Joint Management of Alaska Proposed

Mocking the afflicted, Belarus proposes joint US-Belarus management of Alaska and proffers wishes to Washington for a Happy Confederate Constitution Day.   "Tee-Hee," said Bernie (amid further muffled chuckling).  It is good to see that Washington's mealy-mouthed attentions do not suppress the joys of satirical and sarcastic amusement in others. 'Belarusian Foreign Ministry offers US to... Continue Reading →

COVID Truth – It Was Never China

A few days ago, but only read by me this morning, Gordon Duff, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam war, published these words under the title:  'The Nasty Truth About COVID 19', especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.  Duff is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today   ... Continue Reading →

West V. East – The Final Move?

"China ready to protect world order based on international law together with Russia" - TASS "Moscow and Beijing should act as guarantors of justice in international affairs, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said," as quoted from the article linked above. It is a fact that the only two nations in a position to curb and... Continue Reading →

Life (?) in Shadowland

"...and some people will have to do something." - JH Kunstler - quoted (as the very last words) from his latest blog post, linked below. Gotta love Mr Kunstler, and I do, in spite of his quirky little and barely hidden prejudices (against China for instance) - which I can dismiss due to all the good... Continue Reading →


NATO - "Oh dear, one of our perceived opponents submarines is missing.  Panic, panic." How amusing.  A Russian submarine has vanished in the eastern Mediterranean. And all the kings horsesAnd all the president's men, .Can't find it again. But its home base knows where it is.  Ha-Ha.  How embarrassing. “NATO anti-submarine forces have been attempting for... Continue Reading →

Condemning the Condemnation

I sometimes praise Australia's ABC News for producing some fine reports, which they do.  But there is the best of the ABC and there is the worst of the ABC, and what I have seen today is the very worst of the ABC.  I will tell it how it is. Su-34 fighter jet. IMAGE: Valery... Continue Reading →

English Is An Abortion

This seems to be a strange subject to blog about by a person for whom English is their first and really only usable language and also someone who most commonly writes about the depravities and ultimate end of the English speaking peoples and indeed the whole world of mankind. A person who is also, and... Continue Reading →

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