US-Belarus Joint Management of Alaska Proposed

Mocking the afflicted, Belarus proposes joint US-Belarus management of Alaska and proffers wishes to Washington for a Happy Confederate Constitution Day.  

“Tee-Hee,” said Bernie (amid further muffled chuckling).  It is good to see that Washington’s mealy-mouthed attentions do not suppress the joys of satirical and sarcastic amusement in others.

‘Belarusian Foreign Ministry offers US to jointly manage Alaska’ – TASS

‘Happy CONFEDERATE constitution day! Belarus mercilessly trolls US Embassy after it praised German-backed puppet regime of WW1’ – RT

I wonder how that will go down in the Sacred Halls of the Empire of Exceptionalism in the Land of Indispensability?

The US once again makes of itself the laughingstock of the world.

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