Prurient Trifling From Australia

Australia, again demonstrating its governmental dim-wittedness, total reliance on, and guaranteed dependence/adherence to, the abortifacient groupthink of its larger and obviously equally weak-minded Western cousins, that would produce such a deformed outcome. Just the latest among many prior of such.

“Australia slaps sanctions against four Russian companies and one individual” – TASS

© Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

I love my country but I am growing noticeably tired of being continually shamed in front of the world at large by such mindless and pointless triflings as this.  What a prurient gesture to make, and what a pointless point on which to make a point. The word ‘prurient’ is appropriate here, if only as a marker to the number of Australian government members who are actively involved in allegations of sexual misconduct. Such activity is surely uppermost in their minds and impacting all decisions they make? An acute marker of universally declining social standards across the West no doubt.

Russia has injured the rights of no-one and has restored the rights of more than 2 million Crimeans.  Well, actually, Russia hasn’t done anything in this matter other than acknowledge the will of the people of Crimea, democratically and overwhelmingly stated, six years ago now …and, continuing that thought, the Western developed and spread idea that there is a Russia-Ukraine war going on in that country or ever has been, is just a diabolical western fantasy. The new Russia has never deployed any form of military power in Ukraine, or anywhere else for that matter other than by explicit invitation of the legitimate government of a nation – as in Syria for example.  

But having accepted the people’s will, Russia has done more for Crimeans in the last 6 years than Ukraine did for them over the previous 24 years of Ukrainian independence.  Treat the adopted children badly and they will go home to momma at the first opportunity.

I shake my head at the very idea of punishing bridge builders. How weak a case must that represent? Although I suppose there is an economic angle to that, aimed at weakening Russian enterprise and perhaps even solidarity. Such are the obtuse ways Western minds conjure up their vile potions, stirred at length in the witches cauldrons they call ‘think-tanks’.

So, who is at fault here?  Who should be punished, if any punishment is actually necessary?  Well, it is not Russia.  It is not the people of Crimea (now Russians themselves) either.  It is possible, even likely, not to be the fault of the people of Ukraine either (a sizeable proportion of whom are also Russians).  I will leave you to think about who else was involved – deeply involved – in the Ukraine regime-change coup of 2014.  One clue (in case you need one), it is where the current Secretary of State of the US and also the current pretend US President (both up to their necks involved in that coup event) both live. 

Think on that for a minute.  Is that not also an indicator as to why little Australia feels it necessary to trot along, tugging coat-tails and following suit with its Big Brothers shameful exploits?

To me it is sickeningly and so obviously so.  But also a path quite unnecessarily, or at least not so willingly and blindly taken.  There are better and much more fruitful belts and roads to follow.

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