How I Know Russia Is On The Right Side Of History

Paraphrasing a well-known Jewish ascetic, supposedly murdered but later conveniently deified by Rome... By the product of their actions and words, you shall know them. 'Shibboleths Of War: The Clash Of Old World vs. The New in Ukraine' - Simplicius The Thinker Simply, a brilliant piece of writing. Only a fool would nay-say it.

Russia’s “Finest Hour”

God Bless William Schryver (yes, I'm even willing to go that far in my appraisal and approval of his most recent writing). Listen to this, from the latest written words of that man... From my distant perspective, Russia is a great nation inhabited by extraordinarily intelligent and capable people – albeit one that has repeatedly... Continue Reading →


Oops! My recent online gaming session has left me with 'Caps Lock' on. I often find that to be the case, and ...hey... I'd go mad if I didn't find some external mental release from the warped and twisted forms of cruel reality. But this time I'm going to leave it how it is -... Continue Reading →

…on ‘Power’, and ‘Fear’

This is no April 1st prank. It is deadly serious. I rarely these days post a full copy of any article I find online. I had to make an exception with this one, because it exposes everything I think which underlies all events in the world we know today. Such powerful writing. Such intimate familiarity... Continue Reading →

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