Planet Earth: What Goes Around, Comes Around

I said yesterday that climate change was not the greatest threat to humanity this century, and that is true.  We are at the same time as climate issues are developing, also moving into a greater than in any previous period threat from global conflict and pursuant potential nuclear catastrophe (with singular thanks to the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Syria Recovering From West-led Aggression

"Syria’s Assad Says Country Has Potential to Overcome West’s Crushing Siege – Video" - Sputnik News Syria's much loved and re-elected president, Bashar al-Assad, out and about among his people, overseeing the nation's recovery from US-led Western aggression, mostly attributed to their terrorist accomplices - the only thing left to them now being resource theft... Continue Reading →

On Constancy, Consistency and Trustworthiness

"Germany, France seek to maintain dialogue with Russia - statement" - TASS Neither inconstancy nor inconsistency are desirable attributes for a nation.  Russia is perhaps the most constant and consistent nation of all, in its attitude to international affairs. France and Germany, on the other hand, are like ducks on a pond in that arena.  Bobbing... Continue Reading →

Rumours of War…

I still want to talk about war, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet. Even though all the poster signs, all the voices, all the military movements playing out a colossal chess game across various global hot points, spell out that war is in the air and on people's minds, there are... Continue Reading →

“Gurgling And No Answer”

That recent phone conversation from Fake President Biden to Russian President Putin is becoming notorious for the US charades it has revealed isn't it?  The latest news is that Mr Putin put it to Ol' Joe that the US was planning a coup in Belarus, including a May 9 assassination of Belarusian President Lukashenko, the... Continue Reading →

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