It’s Inevitable, ‘The crisis in the West will steadily deepen’

I doubt very much that any logical conclusion could be drawn that would negate or disavow the above statement, and since its conclusion also forms the title of a recently published essay on the subject, I need not elucidate further on that. I simply point you to the piece since I am in complete agreement with what its author says.

Veniamin Popov is Director of the Center for the Partnership of Civilizations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Candidate of Historical Sciences and writes the piece linked below, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

‘The crisis in the West will steadily deepen’ – Veniamin Popov, for NEO

If we are to accept the conclusions made in that report, and I do, the question must arise – where does that leave Russia?

One of the things Popov says, in regard to the unstable speculative nature of western capitalism and why that has not already led to a state of its own collapse, is…

At the same time, the collapse of the Soviet Union as a force in opposition to the West has somewhat postponed and even delayed the build-up of the organic contradictions of the capitalist system, yet the very process of increasing problems cannot be stopped.

Veniamin Popov – article

So, the pillaging of the post-Soviet space by the west, which continues today, has been perhaps the only, or major, saviour of the western way of life for the past 30 some years. That will end, according to Popov within a year, leaving the west, kind of like a stranded, beached whale, in a condition of intellectual helplessness.

The West is in a stalemate, and its intellectual helplessness breeds even more confusion and vacillation.

Veniamin Popov – article

Meanwhile, Russia, along with various other nations, chiefly China, has been distancing itself from western institutions and monetary system practices for some years, but for some reason, not entirely explainable, still clings to the same form of market based capitalism as has sunk the west (Now I have to be careful here, because while I understand the basic principles involved, I am unfamiliar with, or no sort of expert in, the details). And while China appears to have successfully married its own form of socialism also with a market based economy, Russia left that behind when it emerged from the decade or so of the doldrums of western exploitation to grow once again to be an independent nation with a stable economy under the guidance of Vladimir Putin. When the west collapses, how will that effect Russia? Will Russia still rely on capitalist theory (knowing where that leads), or will it return to the kind of socialist system China has made so successful?

I have nothing to say on that, other than that capitalism will always be a dead-end philosophy, producing a few mega-rich oligarchs and/or the kind of psychopath who today rules the west while, through many twists and turns, gradually impoverishing the majority of people who eventually become the feedstock of the capitalist beast, possessing nothing, but learning to be happy with their condition, until their turn in the feeder.

I personally hope to hear much more on this theme in the days ahead and, when I do, I will obviously share the news here.

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