Being Overlooked

The biggest environmental disaster in recent history, and the world largely doesn't know anything about it, simply because the world's media doesn't want us to know about it. This post inspired by The Guardian article: Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away? George Monbiot Photo: ‘Children are being prepared for evacuation in... Continue Reading →

A Golden Moment (for me)

This will be a short post, but one that I want to share. I go on merrily posting on my Facebook timeline, as I have done now for several years, (not necessary to go there as it mainly contains, recently at least, workups for posts that I want to repeat on this blog), never worrying... Continue Reading →

Embarrassed, Again.

I thought that we had seen the last of this old cruddy-fuddy-duddy after he was booted out of the Australian Prime Minister's office a while ago, but here he is again, overseas, being a complete embarrassment to Australia once more.  The man is a Neanderthal throwback. If I thought it would work, I would personally... Continue Reading →

Waiting… Waiting…

I can't find anything much to write about recently. Oh, I hurt my back in the garden last week, which has slowed me down a bit, and I am living in the area where the police were hunting a pair of desperados last week, or desperately hounding a pair of itinerant farm workers, depending on... Continue Reading →

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