Waiting… Waiting…

I can’t find anything much to write about recently.

Oh, I hurt my back in the garden last week, which has slowed me down a bit, and I am living in the area where the police were hunting a pair of desperados last week, or desperately hounding a pair of itinerant farm workers, depending on your viewpoint, but none of that really matters in the greater scheme of things.

I am waiting for something a bit more important to happen, like a global stock market crash, a rapidly melting ice-cap to flood and inundate all of the world’s coastal regions, a truly world-wide pandemic, or world war 3 to start.  You know, something a bit more interesting than normal routine stuff.  It’s all a bit boring at the moment.

Maybe it’s just because I can’t do as much outside as I want to do.  Maybe, but I don’t really think so.

No.  I don’t want any suggestions on what I could be doing.  If it isn’t something to do with the world crashing around our ears for some reason, any reason, then it’s all just fluff and candy-floss and not worth my consideration.

Oh, come on.  Something has to happen.  Something exciting that will mean the end of this plastic, artificial, mind-numbing, meaningless, purposeless, grasping, nasty, world of illusion and deceit that we live in today.  It has to begin sometime.  And someone has to write about it.  And one of those someones would be me.  But I am growing increasingly restless just writing warnings and stories about the things that are or could go wrong.  I want it to happen.  Now.  Before it is too late for all of us.

I want to live through it, and possibly die through it like I think most other people alive when it happens, will do.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  I just want to know that the change that will ultimately save the world and possibly mankind as well, is under way.  I want to know that it is going to work, or at least has a possibility of working.  I want to be absolutely certain that the world of today will cease to be and to see that process in progress with my own eyes.  That is the only remaining goal, of any real import, that I have.

So, let the wheels of time grind on, as they will.  But let’s soon see, not just signs of what is to come, unmistakable and unmissable as they are, but the real thing, beginning in earnest.  And with it, the panic of those who are heavily invested in the current world systems, as they see the world-view they are so deeply entwined in, increasingly and relentlessly unraveling before their eyes.  The bursting of the bubble.

Now, those would be times worth living through.  That would actually be living.  Something that we (existing inside the bubble) have largely forgotten, or even may never have known, how to do.

We may not like it.  Heck, I may not even like it, but it needs to happen.  Bring it on.

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  1. The only way I differ from you is that I don’t want mankind to be saved. I want it relegated to the dustbin of evolution as ‘something that didn’t work’. And I want to say, “I told you so”, to so many people… the ones who’ve laughed at me or called me a ratbag greenie…going back over 30 years. I won’t really be happy until I see that the human death rate has climbed above the birth rate. Then I KNOW the planet will be OK. Bring it on indeed.

    1. Thanks. You may well get your wish, but unless it comes, or becomes undeniably evident, fairly soon, I suspect it will be of little concern to either of us, especially if it is to be played out over several centuries before the final curtain falls.
      Though if I do get to see it, or some of it, and I hope I do, then I am not sure that every possible scenario, or set of scenarios, which could bring us down would result in a total wipe-out. Some would, or could, and many might, but I would be happy to simply know that all post-renaissance, industrial, scientific, and commercial knowledge, capability and endeavour, were lost and unrecoverable and that there was no possible chance to repeat the last several hundred years of human ‘progress’ ever again. That much I would expect to be evident in even the early stages of our civilisation’s either slippery, one-way slide or rapid crumble into oblivion.
      But I would like to think that whoever gets to lower that final curtain on the civilised man show, would be one of us or a descendent who has gone through the downfall, seen the change, felt the loss, perhaps (through the passage of time) have no understanding as to why it happened or what caused it, can not look back to see what came before it because all evidence of that time has now disappeared, and yet can look ahead, with some like others, to build a life based on simply natural things. A good life. A joyful life.
      I can see and concede that the world we have now, must pass away, and all of us alive now must not be permitted to pass on to a new start future life on this planet, but I’m afraid that I cannot believe that all that has gone behind us, in our past, has been for nothing, and that someone(s), perhaps as yet unborn, but who begin life during our downfall and who know nothing of what went before, know only the struggle for existence in a fallen, altered, world, perhaps through a number of generations, would not be able to develop into people who could take on the challenge of living a life in harmony with nature. Nature which would by then have fully recovered itself, and would have covered up and hidden all evidence of the gruesome past of forgotten generations. Our generations.

      That, I can believe in and hope, not to see, but, for.

      I fully accept though, that I may be placing my trust in attributes that the human entity simply does not possess …but I hope we are more than that.

      Oh dear. Got carried away again. Sorry.

      1. Oh, don’t apologise 😀 Nice thoughts. I hope we’re more than that too. What we’re going to go through will be an interesting test for our species. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

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